Thursday, August 7, 2014

Gorman Di Wulfe

This is my thoughts when it comes to the Frenchy named Gorman Di Wulfe, the rouge alchemist.

Another in a moderate line of models to use for role playing games and not Warmachine. Now I have a use for him as he can ally with Cryx.

Long ago, or it feels like long ago, I painted Gorman up giving him a nice dull, boring and brown scheme. Nothing flashy or special on this guy. He is a merc who makes explosions he shouldn’t be colorful and fancy right?

I also chopped off the end of his gas mask to make it look less S&M ball gaggy.

I also wanted for the mask to look more like cloth bandages. I thought it would look more like he had a chemical mishap and ruined his face. I think it gives off more of the Invisible Man vibe, and that works for me too. Anything looks better than that gas mask filter.

After a few quick touch ups he is ready to side with those dastardly Cryx for some unknown reason.

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