Friday, August 15, 2014

Gen Con week!

That time of year again. A road trip to Indy for Gen Con 2014. Due to constraints at work I am only doing a one day, Saturday of course.

This is a wyrd gen Con year too. There is nothing that I am super excited about or must have. Sure there is 5th edition D&D there, but do I care? Hell I can never get a game of 4th in due to life and work. Why try to get into 5th edition?

Privateer Press doesn't have a must have for me either. I await the next Hordes book, but that isn't going to be available until...I don't know.

Flying Frog has nothing new on the Last Night on Earth game this year.

So why bother going? Well I still enjoy it. The people watching, the costumes and the stuff. I imagine I'll still roll home with a tee shirt, some knick knacks, pics and memories.

If you are near by and have never gone then go! It is worth the trip.

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