Monday, August 4, 2014

I love a good model from any company....

The Great Wolf and his dog sled of doom?

...but great Odin's ravens! This is ridiculous! Hope the rules make it bad ass, because that is the only help it will get.

Cool dreadnaught....wait...what the hell is that face? By the hammer of Thor that is awful! Why model that head there? Who is ever going to put that head there? A great pose and sculpt ruined by that awful awful face! 

Models first then rules? I question that logic now.


  1. Agree. Makes you wonder about the artists arguing with each other. I love a lot of the models details...but the head... at least you can probably use bjorn's center piece for both of these guys.

    And the sled? Oh man. The sled...I can't even.

  2. There is no reason for the giant ugly head. A swap is mandatory to save this guy.

    The dog sled idea could be cool for chaos forces but for loyal astartes? Hells no!

  3. Yo, that sledge is really awful - had to point that out in my blog as well. Haven't seen the ugly head on the dreadnought until now... geez, that thing is as horrid as it gets! Well at least the new flying thingy is well designed, although they took some inspiration from forgeworld.

  4. The flying ship is pretty cool. It isn't thunderhawk cool, but getting closer.