Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gen Con 2014 #2 picture dump

I took substantially less pictures of the costume crowd this year. There were very few that  I thought were outstanding. Plus there was a lot of anime people I didn’t know, weird mash-ups and characters I’ve just seen too many times (I’m looking at you Dr. Who crowd). That doesn’t mean that there were not great costumes, they just were never around me I when I had my camera out. I did nab a few shots of people that I thought looked cool, fun or had something really neat going on with them.

Giant Jawas! They made Jawa sounds when their pictures were taken.

Cobra Commander heading to the food trucks. Really surreal when you see it happening.
He was probably looking for the cupcake truck. Cobra Commander has a soft spot for sweets.

This lady had the craziest green contacts. Wish they would have turned out better on film.

"For the Emperor!" or "Burn the heretic, just not the one next to me."

Someone is playing Candy Crush while waiting for a raid group.

The majority of my pics were of the displays and the painting competition. I missed the Wrath of Kings models if they had them out and about I missed them. Wyrd had a ton of their new plastic line, but they were unpainted and that was lame. Yes there is a lot of detail to their plastics, but unpainted in the display is weak sauce! Their demo table was cool, but nobody was there playing on it.

This Unsullied was giving free hugs, at least that is what the sign said.

Wild West Exodus has some impressive models now.

(insert guns joke here)

No idea what these guys are, but there are a lot of bitey rat monsters and I approve.

Privateer Press had great stuff as always. No surprise there. The Exigence casters were all painted and most were on sale.

Scale Man-O-War is pretty awesome!

"Hello boys!"
The convention exclusive this year. 

Forgeworld and even G.W had a presence. Albeit small, but at least they tried right? Not really, but they might get there in a few years.

The Rivet Wars people but on a much larger display than last year. I’m not interested in the game, but kudos to getting people’s attention with the WWI meets robots and stuff concept.

Arcadia Quest is adorable! Look at all the cute little monsters and characters killing each other.

Fantasy Flight showed the next line of X-Wing models. Plus they had the new Armada game on display and demo. X-Wing type game play, but with the capital ships.
Plus they have some Star Wars miniature board game coming out as well. They are really pumping out the stuff for this franchise.

The biggest surprise was the Studio Mcvey and Guillotine Games models for the game The Others. These models were creepy awesome! If the game is anything like the models it should do well.

Finally the painting competition stuff.

I think my magic is going to betray me any moment......

Another year gone and a few pictures for memories


  1. Great photos! Thanks for sharing! It's always nice to get a wide selection of shots from different people. Makes it feel like you were there :).