Monday, August 11, 2014


I was on the fence with this film from the moment I saw the original trailer. It looked like a good bit of sci-fi, but also looked like it could be drek.

The setting is China. Lucy is the tale of a dink of a girl who is tricked into delivering a briefcase to some sketchy guy. This is how it starts and the film goes all sideways from there.

How sideways?

Well first you become a drug mule for some crazy blue crystal drug. This drug also happens to ,accidentally,  get into the blood stream en masse then it changes you.

Changes how?

Well…all it lets you access all your brain power. Which is pretty neat-o.

Brain power you say?

Yes. All kinds of crazy brain powers manifest, along with a few side effects.

Side effects? Are they bad?

Of course they are, but it is totally worth it. If you want crazy mind powers that lead you to become like Keanu Reeves running around inside computers.

Welcome to Lucy.

There was a lot sci-fi goodness here: discussion on unlocking brain potential and what it might do, rewriting human DNA, shape-shifting, organic sludge computer, personal time travel/ universal rewind button, human x-ray/M.R.I./ medical diagnosis telekinesis, mind manipulation, and  some omnipresence. However, it was interspaced with a lot of blah side characters, a crazy Chinese gang, and a few crazy action pieces that didn’t seem to fit.

Now that doesn’t make it a bad film. The Scar-Jo makes a seamless change from dink to human computer. Plus she is easy on the eyes and that helps a lot. The movie is just a bit clunky and disheveled. It is worth a rent if you want some sci-fi on a rainy day. You’ll get a long Outer Limits episode with a mix of Jason Bourne and Hong Kong action. Yeah that is really what this felt like. Damn I just figured that out! I should have lead off with that description.

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