Monday, February 27, 2017

R.I.P. Bill Paxton, my favorite everyman character

Well Bill Paxton is gone.
Sure he might never have been the super A-list actor, but dammit he did have some great roles!
Why will I miss Bill Paxton?

The ever quotable Hudson in Aliens
Image result for bill paxton terminator
The blue haired punk in Terminator.

He was even in Predator 2 (which is not really good either) thus
making him the only person to date to be killed by
an Alien, Terminator and Predator.
That is an achievement to behold!

His role as Master Sergeant Farell in Edge of Tomorrow was fun.

The awful Chet in Weird Science

The psychotic Severen   and best part of the pretty terrible Near Dark

Dude! HE even fought  tornados in Twister.
Yeah it stinks on ice, but for some reason I watch it when it is on TBS/TNT in the summers.

Then throw in; Navy Seals, Club Dread, Trespass, Tombstone,
True Lies, Simple Plan, Vertical Limit, I a have seen a lot of movies with Bill Paxton.

He was always a sort of everyman thrown into various and outlandish situations.
Sucks that this guy is gone now too.

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