Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Book Report- Necrons vs. Space Marines

The World Engine
I return to the Space Marine Battle novels once again. Why? Well this one is written by Ben Counter. I didn’t hate the first Souldrinkers novel. The Grey Knight trilogy he did started off strong, but kind of petered off by book three. Galaxy in Flames and Battle for the Abyss were descent additions to the Horus Heresy. Why not give this book a chance too?
Ok then.
First this is a novelization of a blurb from previous edition Space Marine codexes or codices. You know long before they were officially branded the Adeptus Astartes by G.W. If you have read that then you can guess what this will be about. Another reason I nabbed this book.
There is planet on the move through the galaxy and it is wiping out planets and fleets as it travels. It seems unstoppable. Well that is until a ship full of (almost) a full chapter of Astra Knight Space Marines decides to land on the World Engine and destroy it. By land I mean crash their giagundus spaceship into it and start a fight with whomever survives.
Well low and behold the World Engine is a planet and a ship for the Necrons. Man I love them dudes. Now the Astral Knights have to fight a planet, the Necron population of said planet, survive Necron political turmoil and save the population of the nearby human inhabited Vidar sector worlds and the very Imperium itself.
No big right?

Another pretty bland Space Marine Battle novel. I should really stay away from these. The plot is predictable we all know who is going to win. Especially since the World Engine is on a collision course with Mars and Terra, but with an attempt to keep it interesting.

There are too many characters and not time to give them any real depth.

The story is basically told through flashbacks via an Inquisitorial lackey and a Astral Knight’s brain bits/body. A cool concept, but not cool enough. Plus it really pulled me out of the story to have to stop and read about what this Inquisitor goon was doing or feeling during their re-telling of this tale.That should have been fun, but it wasn't.

The Necrons and their different dynasties is touched upon, as is the infighting for power amongst them. That was nice touch. Then we get more annoying hints to the C’Tan, the Dragon, the Void Dragon, the Mars Dragon, the thing that is a dragon on/in Mars or the great Mechanicum secret that is the Void Dragon.

Double BLERG!
Enough already! Shit or get off the pot with this bit of 40K lore!
Well another attempt and I was disappointed again. There was potential here and some fun set pieces, but as a whole it was lackluster.
Well I am swearing off these books again until, like and Alzheimer’s patient, I forget and grab another one of these to read.


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