Friday, February 24, 2017

Fallout 4 DLC: Automatron

I finally got bored and am running through Fallout 4 again. Why? I’m just wasting time until Mass Effect: Andromeda hits in March.

While I’m about done with the main story, I decided to spring for the additional content. The first one to try is Automatron.
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Robots! Robots! Robots!

This is how I would sum up this little expansion for Fallout 4.

The Commonwealth is lousy with rampaging robots. You answer the call of a caravan under attack from said rampaging robots.

You of course save the day and then meet Ada a smart robot who was travelling said caravan. She/it informs you of the diabolical and comic book like villain, the Mechanist. This Mechanist is setting robots loose to destabilize the region. That is the whole bit.

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Well that and being able to build your own robot companion and modify others. Nothing better than giving Codsworth gatling laser or flame thrower arms  for some added firepower when he is tooling around with you.

The next noticeable bit in the expansion are the Rust Devils. They are a gang and  their shtick is that they use robots to fight and wear a lot of robot bits as armor. Think of them as an evil gang cosplaying as non-robe wearing Adeptus Mechanicus.

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There is the additional Tesla Rifle to use and modify as well. Shooting chain lightning is alright. Sadly, I only really found it useful while shooting groups of ghouls. They are really the only enemies that seem to bunch up when they come for you.
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There is not a ton of stuff in this bit of DLC. The Mechanist story is ok and the missions associated are descent. Tweaking and building a few robots is fun like two-three times and then is forgettable. The Rust Devils are not overly annoying, plus their full set of robot part armor makes you look like a Fallout inspired Space Mari….I mean Adeptus Astartes.

A short expansion with robots is how I would describe it. Not a need to have at all, but a fun few missions, and worth a download for the nerdy fans of the game, like me.

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