Friday, February 17, 2017

D&D Pre-game 2-18

As adventurers and guards ran about trying to save patrons and stop animal attacks in the local zoo, a lone falcon awkwardly flew away from the city. It was bleeding from an arrow that was still lodged in it’s flank, but it continued its path South.

A small fire within a small thicket is where it finally landed. Four figures were in a heated discussion and paid no attention to the wounded bird as it shifted back into its human form. What was once a bird was not a human female in tattered leathers with an arrow protruding from her right side. She remove d the arrow and tended to the wound while listening to the four men debate.

“It was they who set the sacred woods aflame! It was they who poisoned the wellspring!” yelled a man wrapped in a forest green cloak.

“Yes! They must pay!” shouted an elderly elf in armor made of a combination of leaf, leather and wood. What say you Bedwyr? Shall the settlement pay?”

A burly bearded man stood staring at the fire. “Yes. The ritual will proceed.” He said never once looking up from the flame.

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“We of the White Oak do not support this action. The town means the order no harm. You are threatening innocent lives.”

“Silence Dorran. Keep your group of rangers out of this. Go back to the North and continue prowling around the woods hunting the wild elves. We tried your peace and it go us nowhere!” Shouted Bedwyr. “we mean to cleanse this region and return it to the lords of the wood and the wild. We will summon the great wyrm and it shall devour the city! It will drive that pox and filth of civilization from the land! Fallon! Orwynn! Start the summoning!”

“WAIT! YOU MUSTN’T !”  Shouted the wounded female. “ The heroes putting down our attack. They spoke of a group of alchemists that set this all in motion. They told this to Sherlyn before…..she passed.”

“SHERLYN IS GONE!” Screamed Bedwyr.

“See. See what your thirst for revenge has wrought.” Said the ranger Dorran. “Your wife is…..” Dorran didn’t have the chance to finish his sentence.

There was a sudden roar and then the wet sound of meat and bone being torn apart.
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Fallon, Orwynn and the female, Keelin, stood in awe of the scene in front of them. Bedwyr was gone, in his stead was an eight foot hairy beast comprised of corded muscle and rage. He held two halves of Dorran. One in each hand. The beast looked up at the remaining trio and in a low throaty growl said, “ Summon the stone and wood speakers. Have them send their minions to the town. Keep the attacks going. Send man and beast against them. They must suffer! Send the remains of this fool to his camp. Let them know that they are no longer welcome in the South. Begin the ritual.”

He dropped the remains of Dorran, licked the blood from his claws and stalked away into the forrest.

“Let your will be done.” Said Orwynn and Fallon as they watched their leader stalk away. They then turned to look at Keelin and then quickly ran off into the night.

Keelin sat down by the fire and stared She knew Bedwyr would not listen to reason. His wife was gone. The life spring was poisoned. The forest home ruined. The fey allies had left them or had been killed. He was a now an untamed force much like the natural world he worshiped. The White Oak would not led their aid and would now call them enemy. Her clan was now lost to his rage and their numbers were dwindling. She knew the ritual would wake the devourer. The power of the natural world would be unleashed. Stonekeep’s days were numbered. It would be all over in a manner of days.

Keelin did not know what to do, so she prayed to the Great Mother, the Four Storms and the Devourer hoping to find an answer.

As she started her third prayer the ground shuddered and the sounds of the forest came to life as the trees and stones began to awaken.
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