Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Halloween week off hike #2

The next day the weather had changed. It was no longer rainy it was just cold. It was now a  high of upper 30 degrees with wind kind of cold. We decided to explore the Illinois River around Starved Rock.

A pretty leisurely hike with a lot of fantastic canyons to view. Outside of one horrible set of stairs, this is an easy hike. A few mile round trip will get you to see the majority of the park.

Hmmmm....looks like a hive for plague flies. Witches must be at work here!

These were just awful! Worst staircase ever!

One of the few canyons we could actually get into to explore.

What do my elf eyes see?

If you ever go stick to the bluff trails as it is much more scenic than the riverside trail.

Very pretty bluff and cliff over looks. 
A pretty straight forward hike.

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