Monday, November 30, 2015

Best LEGO set ever?

As of right now. Yes! Yes it is!

 Grabbed this before Halloween while just passing through Toys R' Us on an errand.
How could I not?

An aniversery ECTO 1 Ghostbusters set?
How did I not have this sooner?
Oh yeah. I had no idea that this existed.

I do wonder how this set was made for?
Are there a ton of little kids clambering for Ghostbuster LEGO?
I'm gonna go crazy and say a big no to that.

Totally a LEGO set for nerd adults with a deep love of this film.

The assembled team of Ghostbusters.
Their little proton packs are just adorable!

Now if it only came with a Slimer figure it would be even more awesome!

 It just isn't LEGO without extra or forgot to use parts.
Now to sprinkle these about the floor and potentially just wreck somebody's foot in the night!

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