Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halloween week hike Day 1

Halloween week we took some time off. You know to enjoy stuff and things. We were hoping to get a series of day trips in, but we were hindered by weather a bit the first few days. Eventually we decided to go out exploring anyway. Weather be damned!

Our first trip out it was raining and windy, but it was tolerable. By the time we got to the trails it was just breezy and the rain became a fine and annoying mist. Still not terrible but not ideal. We hit two trails one at the Big Walnut Preserve and the other at Fortune Woods.

The two trails we hit were both only mile and change loops. 

The only other wildlife out on this cold and rainy day.

Along the trail there is this old cabin. Why? Not sure, but it looked cool and creepy at the same time.

Inside it was full of garbage and graffiti because that is sadly what people do.

After all the rain earlier this year the bridge had been washed out

I found the idea , wet very wet and slippery crossing.

We could just slosh trough the creek and get wet feet, or.... I could go all cool and sprint across this log.
Well sprinting wasn't a good option. After a successful DEX check I made it.

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