Monday, November 2, 2015

2015 Halloween night review

Another Halloween night has come and gone. Here was the first of four bowls of candy we handed out that night. A great neighborhood turn out especially since it was raining for most of the day and about 30 minutes into trick-o-treating. The final count was around around 200 little monsters ( with a deviation of plus or minus 5 monsters). We still have some Snickers left, but those will find a good home!

Really love our neighbor hood on Halloween. We have people commuting here in mini-vans to grab snacks. We have a easy to travel street layout and almost all of the houses participate too. There is also a guy that makes fresh cotton candy. We have a family that runs a haunted house in their garage. How fun is that? 

This year my lady decided to be a fancy lady in a fantasy/medieval/Renaissance-ish dress. I went as a plague doctor...or a doctor that spreads the plague. No one will ever know!

The POP vinyl collection even grew adding Pinhead, Regan with her straps and barf, Halloween Jack and Billy (sans tricycle).

 Our Pumpkins

After the events of Hordes: Devastation I had to do a Tharn pumpkin. I have shown my allegiance to the Devourer Wurm!

Don't fear and more cowbell all at the same time!

 We also found this Zombie Food candy and thought it was a must to try it. Chocolate body parts filled with gooey red caramel.

It wasn't the best tasting candy, which we thought when buying it, but it wasn't terrible. It at least was fun.

Another year gone. Now to pull all the decor down and plan to expand on costumes for next year. 
Hope you all had a good night filled with ghouls and ghosts. We did!

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