Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Meredius scourge has arrived!

Well after several months I got around to finishing this guy.

Aiakos the Scourge of Meredius, or the “I’m not an amalgamation of the Predator and Scorpion!” mini-warcaster.

This was the model I threw into the Warmachine: Tactics Kickstarter for. Sure, I could have waited two weeks after the Kickstarter ended and just got the almost identical re-sculpt of him, but whatever.

The only beef I have with the model is his little ponytail. It looks a bit silly, but I guess they couldn’t get the long hair modelled like in the artwork.


Other than that this is a pretty tight model. The arms and head fit nicely in their little slots. The giant crazy shoulder pad lines up well.

The paint job is nothing fancy. My go to Cryx stuff: black, metals, greens and a wash or two.

Another unit done and ready to serve Toruk, the Dragon Father.

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