Thursday, September 10, 2015

BATTLE CHASERS! Video game?!

Well this looks to be happening.....or is it?

Back in the 1998's Joe Madureira released a fantastic comic called battle Chasers. it was a steam punk high fantasy tale that was awesome and looked even better. However, Joe Madureira being Joe Madureira slowed to a crawl or got distracted by something shiny. This caused the comic to stop.

Oh Red Monika! We missed you!
Now if you have never seen this then I urge you to go find it. The artwork is just incredible. The story has the makings of a great fantasy tale. It just sucks that it stops without warning.

Calibretto! The first warjack!

Well now there is a Kickstarter campaign to bring Battle Chasers to the land of video games.

Battle Chasers Kickstarter here!

Battle Chaser story from Nerdist

If this game looks like it does and plays well I will most certainly try it out. If there is a problem it is trying to get buzz out about a game based on a defunct comic that only certain circles have heard of and even seen.

Will this pan out? Will Joe mad be able to complete this task where he failed with getting a comic out on time?  Will I help fund this? Will I only be elated to be let down again with this comic book world?

I really want this to be successful.

I really really would like the comic to get a series again.

Go find this if you  have never read it! Go read this if you like fantasy! Go read this if you play Warmachine! Go read this to see great work by Joe Madureira back in the day!

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