Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pistol Wraith...before the errata

It’s not that I dislike the pistol wraiths that are currently out there, it is that I just wanted to convert my own.

I really like the cairn wraith from G.W. and I think it would look great on the battlefield. I never had a reason to get one of these until now.

This guy will be the base for my pistol wraith.

Probably the easiest conversion ever right here. All you need is a wraith and a pair of privateer press pistol bits. I went with pistols from the skeleton pirate crew of the Atramentous. The left hand has some leather straps and the right hand is gloved. I was a bit sketchy until I pinned this all in place.

The right arm does have a glove and the left doe have a  couple of wrist straps, and I’m fine with that. It adds a little extra to what is essentially just a this floating skull blanket. Maybe this was a duelist at one time and he retained his fancy shooting/ demand satisfaction glove?

I don’t hate it and I’m not sure if I’m going to try a ghostly color scheme or just do various browns. I could easily hate it once I get color on it.

As I finished this I went and read the new Warmachine/Hordes errata that was released last week. I wasn't in a huge hurry to check it out. Why should I be? Then I read it. 

Well crap! Pistol Wraiths took a shot to their ghostly nuts now didn’t they. Oh well, I have the bits and made him. I’ll find a way to use him even if he isn’t as affective anymore. 

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