Thursday, September 17, 2015

2nd attempt at Raccoon lake hike

After a week we decided to hit Raccoon Lake again to see the other side trails and locales. This time we had fantastic temperatures and fresh legs, but then it rained on us the majority of the time there. Oh well., that is better than 90+ degrees and humid for a six mile trek.

The start of the trail.

What is waiting for us at the start of the trail. A tree of carrion eating turkey vultures.
A dark foreboding sign or happenstance?


Found why all those vultures were hanging around.

Dead deer breakfast!

As always fun fungus!

Yeah I'm a total rule breaking badass!


Strolling along the lake shore, after an off the trail detour.

Back up to the trail from the lake.

Random chirrpy bird.

A lot of these trails are covered in tree roots which make for cool natural stairs, or  a hell trail of potential twisted ankles.

Where the last weekend was a lot of up and down hills, here it was a lot of slow slopes, the occasional hill and rocky bluffs.

A lot better looking in the nature department as opposed to the previous weekend.

If you head to Raccoon Lake state rec area for something besides boating hit the trails along the western side of the lake. They are easier to transverse and a lot more optically pleasing.

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