Friday, October 2, 2015

Zombie Dice expansion

After a few games of Zombie Dice it was brought to our attention that we needed the expansions.

A quick trip and back to the game store and we had Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature and Zombie Dice 3: School Bus.

These expansions don’t change the fundamental game. The expansions add new dice, have a few little scenarios to play and basically just add a new bit of risk reward to the game.

Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature has three new dice. These three dice are added and three other dice are removed. The dice represent the Hunk, Hottie and Santa? What? Well there are three quasi-scenarios in this expansion: “Big Summer Action Film,” “Santa Meets the Zombies” and “The Direct to Video Sequel.”  Theses play exactly the same, there are just minor tweaks. The biggest is replacing the standard yellow dice with the new alternate Hunk, Hottie and Santa dice.

The Hunk die replaces a shotgun blast with a double blast causing two hits. Instead of a single brain though, it has a tasty double brain. Sadly, the rest of the sides contain a pair of single shotgun blasts and feet.

The Hottie has two shotgun blasts, one brain and three feet.

The Santa die is all kinds of crazy. This die represents the jolly old elf’s bag of goodies he carries. I guess even zombies like X-mas? This die has a double brain a helmet, and an energy drink, a shotgun, feet and a single brain. See everyone loves Santa. The helmet side gives the player/zombie a bit of ablative armor. They can now keep rolling until they hit four shotgun blasts instead of three. The energy drink allows all feet rolled during the current turn to be counted as brains. One cannot out run a zombie chock full of Red Bull.

These dice represent "characters" in the movie scenarios that come with the game. All they really do is change the risk/ reward of the game slightly. The movie scenarios are just there to let you know what dice to add or subtract from the little cup. Yes the game is still the same, but with new dice added it gives it a little twist.

It is still, easy, fast and fun. If you are a Fan of Zombie Dice, then get the expansion!

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