Monday, October 12, 2015

Early Halloween tricks/treats!

I'm a horribly big fan of the Pop Vinyl stuff. They have these min mystery boxes of horror guys now too!
My lady bought four of these and another surprise Friday night.

There are three guys I really want; The American Werewolf in London wolf mini, David eating from a Chinese take-out box from The Lost Boys, and Cthulhu.

Didn't say it three times, but whatever.

Now I need Shawn to go with Ed. Plus Ed is very front heavy and needs some stability.

Is the Crow horror? He is an undead ghost guy, but horror?

The Elder gods have returned and they are small and adorable!
Cthulhu mini! One of the three I really really really was hoping to get.

Pop Vinyl Lord Voldermort!
So evil and yet so cute!

Curse you Funko! You make me want all the things!

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