Monday, October 19, 2015

Alternate Cryx and Orboros?

Always looking for a reason buy other fun models to count as something else can be a problem for some. For me it is a justification to buy other models. Plus there are times when current models just don’t look stellar and something else does.

Since I play away from stores and tournaments then there is no problem for using counts as models.

For instance the Dust Tactics zombies look a lot more appealing to me for mechanithralls than the current models. Sure the plastic re-sculpts do look better than the metals, but not by much.  However these metal fist wielding zombie Nazis look like a better option. They have the dual metal fists or steam fists mechanithralls have They have active poses that the mechanithralls don’t.

 Hell, they could even pass for mind slave drudges as well. Sure they miss the diving bell helmet, but whateves. The downside is the onesie or coveralls they are wearing. They don’t look as cobbled together as the mechanithralls do. However, this also makes then much easier to paint. Think I might try to find a couple of boxes to get a unit of ten out there.

The Nazi metal fist gorilla soldiers are intriguing as well. I’m not sure if they scale up to a light warbeast size, but if they do….maybe they can be used as gorax? I don’t dislike the current plastic gorax, but the original metal version is unforgivable bad! 

These could fit into the Dr. Arkadius theme list that allows for the use of gorax. Why wouldn’t he experiment on other species besides just farrow? 

Even better, with the release of Hordes: Devastation, these guys might be passable as farrow battleboar light warbeasts. 

That or perhaps they can be added as mechanithrall brute attachments.  Curious to see how they compare to the light warbeast in size. The base looks like a medium sized on these guys so they should be comparable. Right?

Then there is this guy from the people at Malifaux/Wyrd. A giant evil gorilla. Another potential gorax? A fine sculpt. Easy to paint. There is even room to add some bits of armor and filigree them up ala Orboros style.

Then Malifaux/Wyrd has these haunted looking trees they call waldgeist. They could make creepy looking mannikins for the sentry stone. It is a bit of a stretch to use them as gallows grove units. Possibly they could be thrown into some forest terrain to spice it up a bit.

That or this weirdy tree from Spellcrows Dyniaq series as a gallows grove or terrain addition. It is creepy enough to make a crazy forest or tree arc node for the Circle. Then again if painted wrong it might just look like a tentacle of poo.

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