Thursday, February 12, 2015

Teeny Tiny Trollbloods

These five little guys are the first of two units I got for my special lady friend. Welps! The smallest of the trollkin. They look harmless, but that is before they get underfoot on the tabletop or are eaten to heal rampaging dire trolls.

I gave the majority the typical troll blue skin. The goggle guy I made green to tie him to those filthy swamp trolls. The ground puncher I made grey to tie in with the stones and the earthy trolls.

Mr Pointy.

 Mini Earthborn Dire Troll

 The mini Mauler

 Tipsy McStumbles and his bottle o' hooch

The goggle guy and his big boot

 Now I have five more to do to complete her set and eventual tier build.

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