Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A grand day for this comic/movie guy!

Holy crap its about damn time! If you are not up to speed then......

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Spidey joins the MCU!!!

I have been waiting and waiting for  this to happen. Hoor-frakin'- ray! Spidey finally joins the Marvel cinematic universe! Why is that awesome? 

Well have you seen a bad Marvel studio movie yet? 

How awesome would it be to see his smart mouth popping off at/with the Avengers? 

Will it make the build and eventual release of Civil War that much more awesome?

Are they gonna shoe-in a cameo between now and his first official movie?

If only this had happened a few years ago. It would have been stellar to have Spidey throwing down in NYC against the Chitauri! 

I wonder if they will stay with Peter or change it to Miles Morales to keep with comic continuity?


  1. Miles Morales? Oooooh right in the childhood...
    I hold hope for a good Spiderman with the move, but I'm not convinced it has to be as part of the Avengers. Why do they keep breaking my childhood?

  2. Yeah Miles Morales is (or soon is) the regular Spiderman in the comics...well until they change it back for whatever reason.

    Come on how awesome to have the web head mixing it up with any of the Avengers. Think of the fun playing off of Thor, Cap, Stark or Hulk. Fantastic potential!