Wednesday, February 4, 2015

At least G.W. tried to give 40K a fancy looking unit....

....and I still think these things are a joke.

Harlequin Troupe
"One leg up. Check."
"One leg down. Check."
"Alright folks lets call that acrobatic."

Well I remember a time in my past where I was part of a….ick…forum. There people argued all kinds of nonsense and the loudest and most posting were the people that were right.
I also remember the calling and clamoring for a certain codex of 40K warriors. The Harlequins needed a codex like they used to have. Sure that was like what 2nd edition or some noise? I walked the 40K world from 3rd to 6th  and still no dancing Eldar clown army.

Until now!

Harlequin Troupe
Pretty uninspiring poses for such an acrobatic unit.
Now I see that they are making a whole army of these fancy dancy pants space elves. Was the time right? Was the squeaky wheel finally oiled? Who knows. All I know is that no matter what they do with them as an army….it will still not be right or enough for the vocal majority/minority. That is unless the gaming nerd world has changed.
Any way they have new plastic models of these guys and….I’m still no fan. Sure they are plastic and multi-part. That is something. Other than that they are just reworked versions of the metals. Plastic makes for easier conversions and people can have fun with that. I am still unimpressed by the pants off dance off space elves unit. 
They have the Solitaire now and it isn’t terrible. I can see a lot of use making a cool Imperial assassin with that one. Not sure what the Nintendo Power glove is all about, but whatever. It isn’t a terrible model. It just has a stupid open hand pose.


They even get fun little motorbikes! VROOOOM!

Wait! Didn't the Necrons just get an update? What new stuff did they get? new overlord. Really? A new edition codex and now new units and one new HQ model that wasn't really needed.
Good call there! 

The fanboys have their Harlequin, or…Harley (for those that have to shorten everything for some reason) army. What is next the return of the space dwarves? Gods know that people used to cry about their return too.

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