Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Circle warlock conundrum or doldrum

I am at a bit of a crux with my Hordes faction. I jumped into the Circle Orboros faction easily enough.
However, the more I look into furthering my forces, the more I find that I really am not a fan of the other warlocks. I have only ever used Kaya who comes with the starter set. She is great for all the monsters I like to use. Yet, there will come a time where I will want to swap her out and I can’t seem to find a replacement.
Well….. I am looking for a caster I need to buy minimal models to compliment them. Is there a warlock who can peak my interest and work with what I have plus or minus a few guys?

The second version of Kaya will get a quick run some night. She does come with a light beast dog and that does eat at the warbeast points. However, she is still a beast caster and that is a no brainer.

I do think Baldur could be alright. I like his prime version, but I find his back from the dead spell list more fun. Yet, the back from the dead Baldur has that wurm token thing that makes him stronger but can kill him too. I feel like I would have to invest in more warbeasts as well since rock monsters and Baldur can be bestest friends!

Speaking of rock monsters, there is Bradigus. If I was starting Hordes now I probably would have grabbed this guy first. I think he has a great model and who doesn’t enjoy throwing rocks (or clods of dirt) at people? He is the rock monster warlock and I would need an entire new set of those beasts for him. Much like Baldur have to pass on him too.
Circle Orboros Grayle The Farstrider

Grayle, is right out. First, I am no fan of his model and that is an issue. Second, he needs infantry to mesh with him. I am no fan of the Circle foot soldiers. Two strikes is out in this league.

Circle Orboros: Epic Krueger the Stormlord Blister Packet

Krueger ,of any flavor, is also of no use. He is a spell slinger and offers nothing to help what I currently have. Lightning bolts everywhere just makes you Raiden without the hat. Plus his epic model is awful!

Morvahna the Dawnshadow 

Morvahna is another multiple boots on the ground caster. She has some interesting spells and abilities, but I would need a lot more guys to benefit from her. I’m not a huge fan of her original model or her Warcraft talbuk riding model either.

Kromac is a mixed bag. He has an interesting spell set, but is crazy squishy. Well that is until he goes all manimal and morphs to become a mix of Beastman and a quasi- Hulk. He can swap forms to go from caster to melee brawler. This is cool, but in a game where you lose when the warlock dies, I’m not sure I want him all beasty in the thick of melee; which is where my dumb ass would probably throw him more times than not.

Cassius and Wurmwood are a great looking set. However, I hate their spell list save Curse of Shadows. It is tough to keep your caster safe in game and here I would also have to keep the attached tree safe as well. See if Wurmwood (the big tree)  takes damage it goes to Cassius. You either eats it or transfers it away.  I hate the idea of having to protect a guy and his pet tree. Great model concept, but with a shite spell list and a tree it’s a no.

Mohsar the blind scythe wielding guy. Hmmm….a great fury stat. More than a few fun spells in the list. The ability to piss off a beast for fury. Here is someone I might get behind. Sure his tier list is poo, but I’m ok with that. I wasn't looking at that option. His model is not awful and on paper he looks alright. I don’t have to add many models to with him. The blind desert walker might have to get a few proxies.

The second Kaya and the desert blind guy are looking to be the only options I feel like giving a go on the battlefields.  
I do find it strange that I jumped on a Hordes faction that has he poo-pooing the majority of the warlocks. The same cannot be said for Warmachine. When it comes to Cryx, I have the Iron Lich and the Witch Coven to play. I also like Mortenebra and her tier list, Venethrax looks great to face down Hordes, the original Deneghra is in my pile to be painted and the second version of Skarre could be fun (if I had the time to collect and paint a lot of those satyr girls). Cryx has multiple warcasters I want to use.
Strange that I prefer the Hordes playstyle over Warmachine, but I have a faction that I like only one (and maybe two someday) warlocks. Where I also have a Warmachine faction that I like a lot of the warcasters, but am not a huge fan of the focus system.
Tis a minor conundrum. 

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