Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!


If you know where I live swing by, I'll be handing out full size candy bars. None of that fun-size crap here.That is...if you can make it past the electric fence and laser sentries!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Another good weekend!


Checked out the gaming convention in Bloomington. Saw and talked with some old gaming acquaintances. Watched some interesting games and saw some crazy tactics in the 40K doubles tournament. I'll get pic up soon.

Suck it Oakies!

Saw Notre Dame drop 30 on Oklahoma in their win. Nothing better than a 12 point underdog lowing up their competition. There was great play calling, clock management and defense in this game. GO IRISH!

Caught up on American Horror Story: Asylum. There is some great stuff in this show.

Finally had some Halloween fun, onion rings, waffle fries and adult beverages!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Are you sensing a feeling of dread in your basement or attic?

I have to say it has been a long time since I have seen a descent ghost or haunting movie. There was a rash of them for a while, then they died off and now are back yearly in multiple sequel form.

I do love a good ghost story, the problem is that a good one is rare. There are multiple from my youth I hold near and dear. In the more modern era there are a few standouts, but not many. Why the problem? Well a good ghost/haunt movie should be a one shot deal. It has some creep, revenge, weirdness, cheap scares and maybe a cool Cracker Jack-esque surprise. I haven't watched any ghost movie that is current, but the kids these days love the Para-abnormal Doings films, but I have strayed away, since the trailers and commercials for these movies do nothing for me.
What ghost films do I enjoy then?

The Fog

Oh John Carpenter your early movies were fun! The Fog is overlooked by many, but it holds a special place for me. I saw it way too young and living in the middle of nowhere didn't help when it was a dark and foggy night. Sure the movie is based on an island and is about a boat of lepers that is purposefully sunk to save said island from the disease. However, the anniversary of this island, and the horrible event, approaches and so does a mysterious fog bank that holds the spirits the lost ship. They are angry and of course want revenge, like all good ghosts. This has all the hallmarks of a good ghost story: revenge, odd happenings, spirits, a fog bank that acts as a mode of transport and as a character too.

There were many foggy nights as a child that I was afraid something was lurking in that mist, just waiting to get me.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Horror monster fails...yet they have sequels?

Before I go any father, let me say I love good/bad horror movies. They can be and usually are a great mix of blood and fun. However, this is an exception and not a rule.

There is a list of horror movie rejects that should not be as long as it is. These guys just keep showing up in films or even worse keep (or kept depending on the time frame) getting sequels. Why? They are not scary, there is little fun to be had, and I'm not sure why they are likable. Whatever the reason these boners receive chance after chance after chance. Thankfully some of their franchises have ended. However, others have endured too long or are in some stage of reboot. By the gods why!?!?!


These guys showed up from space, terrorized, ate, grew larger and even swore. However, they were nowhere near scary. Their movie was entertaining years ago, but did they deserve three sequels? Hell no they didn't! They shouldn't have received the one they did. Now I loved this film in my youth. The Crites seemed like a neat new alien, but scary or worthy of multiple viewings they were not. These should have been a single serve campy sci-fi/horror B movie monster.

Friday, October 19, 2012

If it bleeds we can kill it? (more Halloween month stuff)

As I travel through my horror (and some associated sci-fi) collection I have a number of films that have the same type of villain: a revenant or unstoppable juggernaut. These can be, and usually are living and then become dead. Then they rise again for more bloody shenanigans. However, some of them remain alive (some how) to continue their killing spree from movie to movie. There are very few of these guys I really enjoy and cheer on as they do their gruesome work.

Halloween 1978 (and a bit of Halloween 2)

Michael Myers was a distraught child who killed his family, but didn't quite get them all. He gets locked away in the nut house for his crime and escapes. He returns home, years later, to finish the job. He does this all in silence with sharp implements or his bare hands and all the while in silence and wearing a great mask. Did I mention he is a brute too? A giant figure in a coveralls and a bleached Shatner mask should frighten most normal people.

He also takes a good beating by the end of the film having been stabbed and shot several times. However, he is not some undead thing, he is alive. That makes it all the creepier. He takes physical harm just as he doles it out, in complete silence. How awesome is that?
By the second film Michael is still stalking. He is a bit beat-up but it doesn't slow his killing potential. He takes a lot more punishment in the sequel.

Michael Myers, in the first two and only real watchable Halloween films, is a great example of what I mean by, "if it bleeds we can kill it?". This guy is more than a normal human, can take some punishment and can be harmed. He just needs a massive amount of trauma to stop him.

Plus the end of the first Halloween is still phenomenal after all these years!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A real life 40K tournament around here!

This really isn't news to me, but it might be  to others. Every year there is an event called Flatcon. It is (an attempt) at a gaming convention in the wasteland that is central-ish Illinois.

Flatcon website/info page

There is a doubles tournament, which I did in the halcyon days of 4th edition and has a paltry $20 entry fee.
Here are the rules and it is pretty fair and even allows for teams to form up with armies that are now in 6th taboo (looking at you gribblies). I like that since it might actually let people play what they want instead of just forcing everyone to play Guard/Marines, Grey Knights/Necrons or (insert army here)/some kind of Eldar.

Here be the rules below...................

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Real life interlude

Rob Zombie returned to my neck of the woods again this year. Last year Alice Cooper was there and this time Marilyn Mason tagged along.

 There was also somebody doing DJ type things that went on first. He was fraking horrible and spun some terrible racket that he thought was pleasant. I'm all for a DJ remixing and such, but whomever this was was drunk, high or dying if they thought it was good. Rumors in the bathroom line was it was some guy from Slipknot, which if true, would explain the suckage.

Friday, October 12, 2012

So close..yet still so far away.

Just saw the clip form A very Venture Halloween.

Any fan has waited too long for new episodes of  the best cartoon ever! However it is still two weeks away. What is even worse is the wait for a new season. Is it worth all this time?

Suffer the E.W. site to watch the Venture 44 second clip!

Even after just 44 seconds....I think yes!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


October 11th 2012

It means nothing but today's date is pretty sweet. Not since 01-02-2003 or 04-05-2006 or even 07-08-2009 have I cared about a date.

It is cool to see another sequence date in my life time and possibly the last, unless that whole robot-mind transfer works out, or I finish my time machine.

Have at it today numerology folks and come up with some cool significance for today's date.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween month again!

The last couple years I have delved into movies and monsters during this month. This years is really no different. I have covered 40K, monsters and movies. This year I'll hit my favorite used, rarely used and unknown baddies from the small and big screen.

I'll hit my favorites from the group I call...."What the frak is that!?!"
These are baddies that we never really get to know much about, just that they don't like you and will somehow render you dead.

The Thing 1982
First watch this movie, it rocks!

The anagonist here is an alien. We all get that, but we never know why it does what it does or what it really is. I'm totally fine with that, since it looks so awesome when it manifests. That is one of the best parts. You are never really sure where it is or what it is. All you know is when it shows up it is really strange, drippy, bitey and mad. All traits of a good "What the frak is that!?!?" type monster.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The week ahead!

A very exciting week is starting, well for me.

First is the 6th edition Chaos codex. Granted my 40K days are sorely lacking now, but I am still a huge fan of the game and universe where it is set. Now I have ...(cough)...(cough) ...obtained a....mummble...copy... ...hrmmmm...mummble.... and will start the reading and reviewing soon, much like everyone else.

Friday, October 5, 2012

No Stallone + No spandex = Pretty damn fun!

Decided to hit the theater the other nite to see Dredd before it was gone. I went in with an idea it would blow and came out a bit surprised. Now this is mot a great movie, there are some flaws. it is however, a fun movie. It ranks up there with Starship Troopers, anything Riddick related and most Jason Statham movies. It  will be a guilty pleasure for me in the times ahead.

If you have no idea who Judge Dredd is, well don't be ashamed, most don't. It is easiest to think of him as a future and grimmer Dirty Harry. He is a mobile courtroom,as are all the Judges, and dispenses verdicts with a scowl and gun.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One of the better Sportscenter interviews

Atlanta Falcons safety pulls a bit from Supertroopers during a recent ESPN interview.

Thomas DeCoud pulls off the Meow Game

He was supposedly aiming for 12.
I'm no Falcons fan, but this is good stuff,especially with a clueless broadcaster.

For the four people who are clueless about what he is doing here is the gag. Also shame on you if you don't know or haven't seen this film!
The Meow Game, original clip