Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Infinity...I try space apes?!

Well another run at Infinity. 

The table is set.

I chose the Morat from the Combine Army this time.
I have no idea. I just know I haven't tried them yet.
Well that and they look like apes in power armor with guns that go "FRAKA, FRAKA, FRAKA!"

Once again these are lists put together from what Todd has available.
They are not optimized.
hell, I don't know if they are even legal?

My force's weapons and gear stats.

All I know is that these models are put together, painted and paid for by a third party. I can play and not have to buy more models.

I faced off against Matthew Mcconaughey from "Reign of Fire" and his army from the U.S. Ariadna.
These are American, British and French commandos in space or something like that.

Game boiled down to me getting pasted turn one and two from a guy who was able to be all camo/invisible and call in remote missile strikes.

Then, seriously a guy named Van Zant (and modeled after Matthew Mcconaughey from "Reign of Fire") walked into my back field and started attacking me. Thankfully my dice were on fire and my big power armor ape squished him in melee.

I was able to peek out and crack off a shot at a sniper and then another at his sneaky little missile controller. I dropped both and had a clear lane of travel for the next and final round.

Final round and I have only two guys left.

I take my great big big power armor ape and run him through cover to get a chance to shoot at a couple of dudes. Splitting fire, I was able to kill one more soldier. 

Game ends and somehow I win because I have more points left on the table. 


Bad Thoughts?
-After a fourth game of this I am still nowhere near comfortable with the rules and rolls. 
-The unit names still are beyond irritating and irrational. 
-Three rounds seems impossible to get anything done.
-There is a ton of rule bloat to work through and that slows the game way down. Sure we are all still new and trying to muddle through rules skills and gear is slow. A three round game took an hour plus. -There were less than a dozen models on the table and it took over an hour to play. Ugh!
-Having purchase models for your army just to hide and never use seems lame. They are just backfield cheerleaders that generate orders for the few "important" models in your list. I am not a fan of this strategy at all. I feels weak and cheatsie.

Good Thoughts?
-I really like the space apes. They are tough and don't have to worry about the effects of being shot at. They are sort of fearless and such. I would use them I was dedicated to this game.
-I really want to like this game as the setting is cool. The amount of terrain is awesome to play with too.
-Three rounds is quick and easy, if/when you know all the rules.
-They really modeled a guy after a B-list movie with Christian Bale about dragons in England?

I guess when we take breaks from Warmachine we will be playing Infinity. I'll go along with it since the rest of the group is. Someday I might even know what I'm doing?

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