Thursday, August 17, 2017

Gen Con 2017- short term goals and plans


“Take your favorite fantasy RPG to the stars! Set thousands of years in Pathfinder's future, Starfinder is a stand-alone roleplaying game evolved from the Pathfinder rules and designed to bring you a whole new universe of science fantasy adventures. Play alien races both new and familiar as you explore the mysteries of a weird galaxy. Will you be an android assassin fulfilling corporate contracts, or a plucky ratfolk mechanic? A spellhacking lashunta technomancer, or a rakish human pilot? Uncountable worlds are waiting for you and your intrepid crew!”

Well that is a description with a lot of words that mean nothing to me. As a D&D guy I have no clue about the Pathfinder worlds. I did try it once and wasn’t super impressed. Since everyone said it was D&D 3.5, it turned me away quite easily. 3.5 to many was the pinnacle of the game. 3.5 for me was too much skill, modifier, rule and book bloat. Pathfinder, after a long demo adventure had a similar feel of modifier and skill check bloat but with less books.

Starfinder will probably be the same, but I really would like a good dice rolling sci-fi RPG. I have tried……
Star Wars from Fantasy Flight is too narrative and their dice are beyond stupid. I know people love it, but after two tries I would never want to run it and didn’t love playing it.
Shadow Run is just a mess. A great sci-fi universe, but the rule system is beyond clunky and feels pretty unfriendly to new players.
My scope of sci-fi RPG is limited, but so are the mainstream choices.

Maybe Starfinder will be neat.
Maybe it will just be pathfinder in space and I already can guess that outcome.
Maybe I’ll tire of waiting in a line, skip the game and forget about it.

I know that they are running demos all weekend and it will probably be stupid busy, but I am hoping to get a demo of this RPG.

Last Night on Earth / Shadows Brimstone

Our household are big fans of Flying Frog Publications. Last Night on Earth was released 10 years ago and I jumped into hat game with the proverbial two feet. This year they are releasing an anniversary box set. I’ll probably skip that, but they are rumored to be releasing more heroes. Those I’ll probably nab.

Shadows of Brimstone is their other game we have spent unknown hours upon. I am hoping they have a some new monsters. We can always use more threats in the swamps and mines. I am also hoping they have  the darkstone shaman character. There was also talk of scenario packs dealing with werewolves, vampires, demons and an undead army. If some of these are available I might grab a couple boxes.

I can guess Flying Frog will get a sizeable chunk of my Gen Con savings this year.

The other 3 big games we play more frequently than others

Privateer Press …. I am going to look at their painted stuff, but I am skipping purchases this year. Their MKIII release has been a bit of a downer for us. We are playing Hordes less and less. Hell, even the other guys I play Warmachine/Hordes are moving away and towards Infinity.
Then there is the Grymkin release. It just looks like they are trying to get a foothold with the Malifaux crowd.
Plus the whole CID nonsense, constant yet non-constant card updates, Company of Iron and the game info moving more and more toward tablet/phone app; has really put me off Privateer Press this year. I know they will have pretty models to look at, but that is all I will be doing there this Gen Con.

D&D…. over the last few years they have not had a real presence. Sure they run games, but it seems like a long time since they had a cool booth or a big on floor presence. I guess the year prior to 5th was I last time I saw anything from them. That is sad since Pathfinder seems to kick their butt here every year.

Imperial Assault…. It could be interesting to see what is coming out. This is another game we need to play more. The few games we ran were fun. The scenarios are challenging. The models, for a board game, are pretty sweet. 
Yet, I will still avoid FF booth as  there is always a nightmare line to navigate. I can wait for new stuff to release for this game. I am just curious to see what they have coming down the proverbial pipe.

Yeah other than Shadows o’ Brimstone and Starfinder, I don’t have a lot on my list of Gen Con wants/needs. That is good. Spend less money is good. That being said I'll probably still come home with stuff I wasn't planning on buying.

GEN CON 2017!

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