Friday, May 19, 2017

New Cryx arrivals

Just arrived more bonejacks!

First, I am putting the finishing touches on two Defilers right now so that means I need more robots to paint!

Second I love me some bonejacks! Sure they a squishier now, but having 3 and soon 5+ makes for descent little swarm.

That and I have been putting off getting a Stalker for a long time. I did a proxy run a few times and though they were a fun threat. Sure they are stupid fragile, but they are pretty cheap and make a great threat against squishy casters and those all-important (and annoying) solos or small units (like the damn Menoth choir).

I also nabbed two of the older metal Deathrippers. I am either going to try and kit bash them into Ripjaws or if that looks to fail I’ll have two more Deathrippers. Sure bonejacks aren’t as cool in this edition says the interweb, but having 4+ on the table works for me.

Plus I was able to get all three of these guys for $13.00. That is with shipping. How awesome is that?! Very since all three of these guys would have run me $25 plus. I love me a free market economy and the interweb! It was like getting a free Stalker with the purchase of two Deathrippers.

It is a mystery on how some places can stay in business with competition out there like this.

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