Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial weekend hiking.

Hit McCormick's Creek in Indiana this weekend for some hiking.
Down just a little past Terre Haute.
Nice little park.
Trails are mostly easy, one slightly moderate due to rocks and water.


Dead mudbug...or is it?

Bunch of butterflies just sitting around.

This guy was a big fan of our little group. He wanted to hike with us.
A big dumb sweetie!


Little panorama of the sandstone cliff.

Think I'll scamper up there to explore further.

Checking out a little cave.
No goblins or trolls though.

Back down from the cliff.

Red face little lizard.

A bunch of people ruining and polluting this little waterfall with their filthy human filth.

Want to check this place out in the fall. Should look cool and hopefully less humans there.

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