Thursday, November 3, 2016

History made last night

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I used to be a baseball fan. Even more I grew up a Cubs fan due to location and family/friends.
Well until the strike season of 1994.
That pushed me away.
Then all the steroid/HGH stuff after that closed the door for good.

Then this post season started.

We sat and watched the Cubs through the playoffs.
Then the World Series finale last night.

This off season reminded me of everything I once loved about baseball.

Even the most black hearted bitter Cubs hater can at least tip there hat today and realize,
this team, this off season and last night's game was amazing!
If you can't do that then I question why you supposedly love this game.

A franchise this full of history.
A team with a constant rabid and loyal fan base.
A team that has always been known as the lovable losers, finally got what they have been wanting and needing forever.

A championship.

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs.

Its about damn time!

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