Friday, November 4, 2016

Canada photo dump: Elfin Lake hike

We decide to make our way up to Elfin Lake. 
A 12 plus KM round trip hike.

The trail looks standard. 
Nothing special of scary there.

Ok look for bears, but we knew this going up here.

Up we keep going.....

6KM up and we break for a snack.

KM of non stop upwards.

Only 6KM more to go.....

Inside the shelter I have to agree with this bit of graffiti.
Toy Story 2 was ok!


The ridge up ahead is where I though I was going to have to bury Becky. 
She was dragging ass really hard by now.
Almost wanted to quit, but a bit of subterfuge and we kept moving.

A ton of scenic mountain views. 

The mist ahead of us is a cloud passing over the mountain.

We were walking through clouds and it was damn cool, literal and figurative.

 We finally make it to the top. Elfin Lake.
Quiet.Calm. Serene. Worth it.

 No elf would be caught dead up here.
This is dwarf territory if I ever saw it!

The water is usually a pretty blue to match the sky, but when it is over is clear and grey.

Mount Garibaldi in the distance, but the cloud cover was blocking it.
Still snow capped peaks were so cool, literal and figurative.

Then we eat and I make a new friend.

This little guy was crazy friendly for a bird.

HE checks me out and then decides I would make a good perch.

 He sat on my arm for several minutes just checking me out.
It was so amazing and unexpected.

Then he took off as randomly as he arrived.

During the descent the clouds rolled in again.
This time they opened up with light rain and snow.
We were not prepared for that.

Thankfully it only lasted for like 30 odd minutes.

Heading back down to the vehicle.

A lot of these giant open fields of wild flowers and heather.
Really pretty.

The return back down we took a side trail for a bit of a different view for half the hike.

A long day, but totally worth it. 
We ended hiking 14 miles in 6 hours, 7 miles of which was constantly up hill. 
We hit 614 floors and burned over 3,300 calories this day. Thank you Fitbit.
An amazing hike. Totally worth the effort and time!

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