Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Canada photo dump Capilano Park

Alright more pics from my Vancouver vacation.
This is from our morning at Capilano Park. 
It is know for a giant suspension bridge and treetop walks.
We start off with totem poles. I'm a big fan and would love a couple in the back yard.

Then you get to the bridge. It is only a few hundred feet to the ground below. No big right?

I hate suspension bridges. They move and sway and I'm not having it.

Across the bridge is the tree walk. Think Ewok village without the huts.

...and back across.

The cliff walk. A giant gantry alongside a cliff. Just as high as  the bridge, but not as shaky and a different view.

Sweet mist effect going on here.

 Some spics of  what was below us off the side of the cliff.


 Mountains in the distance.
Stupid pretty up here.

Not a huge place at all, but worth the stop.
This was about as "touristy" as we got for hiking locations 
(sans Lynn Canyon, but we were scouting wedding locations there as well as hiking).
We prefer the more secluded areas, but this was a cool stop.

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