Thursday, December 18, 2014

Schlock and awe movie time!

Holy crap! “Body Parts” was on the other night and I couldn’t help but watch it. I saw this once long ago, and there was no better time to revisit this movie.

Bill Chrushank is a typical guy with a wife, kid and is a prison psychologist. You know he is like every other schmuck in the world. That is until a violent car crash causes him to lose his arm. Personally I think this giant automobile wreck would have killed this guy or best case left him broken beyond repair. Losing an arm is nothing compared to that. Luckily for him there is a surgeon that is willing to transplant another arm, from a “willing” donor, onto him. Who could say no to that?

Bill gets a fancy new arm and everything is great! That is until he starts to get twitchy and develops a short fuse. He goes all Roadhouse on some drunken townies that want to gawk at his creepy arm. He also has a bout with some minor spousal choking. He also gives his kid a bit of a throttle while playing with him. Bill looks into whose arm is now attached to him. Low and behold……it belongs to a dead psychotic killer. He also discovers that…..wait….the legs and other arm were transplanted as well. Will Bill keep his arm now that he knows it houses crazy evil DNA? What is going on with the other guys and their fancy new dead guy limbs? Wait! There is a psycho on the loose who has a thing for these transplanted limb guys too. Holy crap what is happening?
The concept is pretty preposterous, but for some stupid reason, it works. The movie takes the “I have a creepy evil arm!” and runs all the way with it.

It really helps that Jeff Fahey (or Bill Chrushank) gets to go all dark and crazy. This is something he does a lot and it seems that is what he is best at. Brad Douriff is in there too and isn’t all creepy like he is a lot of the time (voice of Chucky, Grima Wurmtounge, creepy scientist from Alien: Resurrection, Exorcist III guy, big eyebrow Mentat from Dune, etc.) . He was actually a pretty likeable dude and I almost felt sorry for. I mean the guy just wanted to paint and not get involved with all this craziness.
This story is a mix of semi-suspense, horror and bit of gore. The bloody bits are not over used, but when they show up they are pretty damn fun! This is a really slow burn before it everything really gets rolling, but when it finally does look out! The last half hour of this movie is just bonkers! There are deaths, explosions, a nuts-o car chase, blood, property damage from gun shots that destroy everything, torn body bits, surgery and shotguns. Who can find any fault with all that? Not his guy! is called Body Parts.  What did you expect?
Yup. That is a catheter bag full of pee right there. Oh and body bits too.
Body Parts can definitely be filed under guilty pleasure for me. The slow start might turn some away. Jeff Fahey might turn others away. The premise of the film could be the downside for the rest. For me it has was a great mix of The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt. If any of those shows are in your wheel house then Body Parts should be too. 

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