Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Post Christmas report

Another X-mas is gone and I have more stuff. First My dad built this. What is this? Well it is a portable paint station.

Pop this open to get a table. Plenty of space inside for paints and tools. Plus a built in light and extra outlets for the Dremel. There is even storage below with a small shelf. Plus it packs up descently and fits away from the public domain.

The red rooster and the bottle of oil/peppers is a comical joke from my once upon a time mother-in-law. I make a lot of jokes and comments on her plethora of kitchen chickens. I also hate the decorative jars of peppers in oil that people like to have sitting around. The only thing worse is a bowl of balls and obs on a coffee table. Being a comedian she got me a red rooster for the kitchen and my own jar of oil peppers. Good one Mel!

The rest of my loot is all here. The Donkey Kong sized barrel of cheez-balls. The House Stark hat to keep my nugget warm in style. Two lbs of peanut butter cups! A plethora of fine films: Hot Tub Time Machine, Winter Soldier, Guardians o Galaxy, Train Dragon 2, Thor 2, Rise and Dawn of the Apes.
The Great Tales of H.P. Lovecraft and The Life of the Party (by Bert Kreischer). 
More weapons for my Warmachine and Hordes armies: a Senrty Stone, Shifting Stones, Iron Lich Overseer, Cankerworm, and Razor Boars!

A four pack of Klingon Warnog. Hopefully I won't prove to be a filthy petaq when I try it.

Finally, two new additions to my growing collection of POP Viynl. The Predator and Rocket.

Now I just need to get all my stuff and her stuff painted. That is unless I die from cheez ball poisoning.

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