Monday, September 22, 2014

Well 40K is catching up a bit, but...........

The Dark Eldar at least have a creepy cool look for the 40K universe. It is showing in the new Wracks and Haemonculus.

The last codex Talos/Cronos was one of the cooler 40K models in years. Their new stuff is still looking good.


The incredibly crazy part is the cost. $36 for 5 plastic models? $26 for the plastic Haemonculus? 
That seems coco-la-bonza!

Maybe someday I can find this guy on Ebay and get him cheaper. he would make an outstanding Necrosurgeon or Cephalyx. He just would need a head and arm swap.

The same for the Wracks. A little clipping and trimming and they would make very suitable Drudges.

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