Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hordes Druid vs Troll #7

“So Madrak is having trouble with some druids in the area. Looks like we’ll have to step in and help. Right after I finish this next pint!”  yells Borka as he grabs another mug of brew. He raises his mug and bellows a challenge and then pours the frothy brew down his gullet.
“Send the skinners ahead to find these filthy tree worshippers! When they find them we’ll see how tough they really are!”

Well look who makes his debut, Borka the Keg Slayer! We threw together a 20 point game of squish the warlock.

Druids took the roll, but gave the first turn to the trolls. Away we went!

Borka the Keg Slayer
Dire troll Mauler
Troll Skinnerx2
Troll Champion

Kaya the Wildborne
Pureblood Warpwolf
Shifting Stones with Stonekeeper
War Wolf x2

Both forces move about and start their positioning. The only real event was the Iron Flesh (DEF buff and SPD de-buff) was throw on the Axer

More running and moving. Iron Flesh stays on the Axer

The Stone Keeper has range for a Rock Hammer attack on the Mauler. Kaya adds her fury to ensure the hit , and hope to crit for a knockdown. Well it hits (no crit) and she adds another fury to boost the damage. The Mauler’s body aspect is wiped out.
The War Wolves are within charge range of the Champion and the Mauler. It is better to give than receive, at least when it comes to charging. The War Wolves charge ahead, and I know they are selling their lives to buy me a turn. They will not withstand a round in combat with these guys.
The Champion is charged and takes 1 point of damage.
The Mauler is charged and takes 2 points of damage. I didn’t expect much, but was hoping for more than that. 
Kaya moves to fire off a spell at a Skinner. She has a 10” range and he is 11” away. BOO! She then riles the beasts.

Borka  upkeeps Iron Flesh  on the Axer and drops Mosh Pit (knockdown on melee weapons for those near him).
The Champion dispatches the War Wolf.
The Mauler is forced to regen and gains 3 points back. He then mushes the War Wolf.
The Axer advances and crushes the Shifting Stone nearby.

The Stone Keeper fires off at the Mauler again and hits. The boosted damage takes out his body again and bleeds over into the next spiral.
The Shifting Stones teleport to block the Mauler and Axer movement lanes.
This is where I change plans in mid turn. I have a new idea! An opening has occurred time to exploit!
The Pureblood wolf warps for a strength bonus and advances on the Skinner. He is forced to gain a boosted hit and does. The damage is boosted as well to ensure the Skinner goes away, and he does.
The Argus are both forced to use their animus, Tracker. This gives them pathfinder so they can ignore that rough terrain in the way. They are both forced to run and get behind the troll lines. Just where I want them, just a turn early.
Kaya then uses Spirit Door to teleport near an Argus. Hmm….that pyg behind her shouldn’t be an issue right?

TROLL TURN 4  “Where it all goes to plan or to crap depending on the army.”
Iron Flesh is dropped on the Axer.
The Champion turns and charges the Argus behind him. He is positioned so that he has reach to Kaya as well.
“Clever girl!”  the Jurassic Park quote seems fitting.
He uses thresher and with a boost to hit from Borka he connects with the Argus and Kaya.  The Argus and Kaya both take 7 points of damage.
The mauler is forced to regen for 2 points and then charges the Argus. Another boost to hit and then the Argus is crushed by a big meaty troll fist. The Mauler then gobbles up the remains for another 3 points of health.
Borka’s Keg Carrier attachment charges Kaya.  Borka boosts the hit  and boosts the damage of said hit. Kaya takes another 7 points from being hit with a pony keg.
The Axer then turns and is forced to use his Rush animus, which gives him terrain ignoring Pathfinder and a 2” movement bonus. He then charges Kaya.
A hefty axe swing later and Kaya falls.

Damn I really screwed the pooch here. That being said, my lady friend also played a mistake free game. Plus she capitalized on my stupid moves really well.

With the trolls cutting through her forces Kaya is forced to sacrifice her warbeasts. By selling their lives she knows her remaining wolves are allowing her to escape. The white warp wolf crashes into the advancing troll beasts and attacks wildly taking much more damage than what he is causing. The rune covered stones teleport Kaya out of harm’s way.  This new troll warlock was a larger threat than expected. She would have to be more cautious in the future.

Never underestimate your opponent. They will always get better and craftier.
Never turn your back on anything in this game. Everything can be potentially deadly in this game, even a puny beer toting warlock attachment.
Stick to the plan. Changing to a new battle plan mid turn did not work at all.
Transfer damage, unless it appears all hope is lost and you are surrounded and stuck in melee with lousy reach weapons.
Reach weapons are still a big pain!

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