Friday, September 26, 2014

A bit behind the Torchwood curve.

Netflix has paid off! After forcing myself through drek I have been rewarded with something I have been waiting to see.

Torchwood was a descent sci-fi show that spun-off from Doctor Who. The first season was a bit rough, but most first seasons are. Season two it hit a good stride. Then it all fell apart. However, it came back together for a mini-series, Children of Earth. That was a good bit of sci-fi fun, sad and disturbing. Then Torchwood went away again.

Then it showed up on Showtime for a limited run, Torchwood: Miracle Day. I missed it due to not having Showtime. BBC America reran it, but it was edited and I missed two episodes in the middle and stopped. Finally, it appeared on the streaming Netflix. Hoo-fraking-ray!

The premise is great, what happens when nobody can die? The implications are awesome and creepy. What does the world do? How do you handle no death, terminally ill patients, murder, birth rates, miscarriages, non healing wounds, infections, antibiotics, triage, the old folks, the death penalty, etc? This is what drew me to the mini series more than the return of the Torchwood cast and crew.

Captain Jack and Gwen do their best to save the world (alongside the C.I.A.) from a clandestine group who have found a way to keep people from dying. This mini-series started strong, but fell off the rails a bit as it went along. This is not uncommon, but I hoped it wouldn’t happen. The great bits are just that, great! There are questionable twists and turns, but that is to be expected. The end is predictable, but going in you can figure that they need to set everything right again, if they don’ then how can there be any more Torchwood stories. Yup it also has a nice fun ending that could lead to further adventures of Captain Jack and company. Time will tell if that happens.

I’m just glad the all knowing and wonderful Netflix goddess gifted me with something I was looking forward to viewing. ALL HAIL THE WISE AND PLENTIFUL NETFLIXIA! GODDESS OF WONDER AND PLENTY!


  1. Ian!!!!, if I am looking to start watching Doctor Who, what season should I start with?

  2. Go with the restart in 2005. That will get you on the track to current stuff.