Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 2 of 2 mini vacation

Day 2
Saturday we hit  Forest Hills  and their 11 mile backpacking trail. Now this was devoid of cool rock formations. Instead it was more of a forest primeval. There were plenty of hills to climb up, over and around. After 7 miles of creek beds, hills, fallen trees and more stairs (why stairs why!?) we called it an afternoon. It also helped that a storm front was moving in and we had exhausted our water supply. We have vowed to return to conquer the trail with fresh legs and more supplies.


Look at the ass on that guy! He must workout!

Fungus looking flower

Does look like much, but this trail drops almost straight down for 100 feet.
A very fun descent!

This bridge was the super rickety and had taken a beating in the last big storm. If you couldn't tell from the unnatural bending.

Our crossing had been washed downhill along with a lot of detritus.

Not sure why this area had a walkway. Maybe it gets all swampy at times? Maybe the trail gets over grown quickly?

Why stairs? Why?

Two fawns found us very interesting. 

Turned a corner and there was a doe less than 20 yards away. Needless to say she didn't stay long.

A large section of this area was nothing but trees that looked had these woody vines growing around them.

Mile almost 7 when we were crapping out.

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