Sunday, July 6, 2014

A fine and final farewell?

I'll start by saying this; Kickstart My Heart is the pinnacle of hair metal! If you can listen to that and not get pumped, punch something, start a fire, kick in a door, blow something up, start pounding beers, jump about all spastic, begin a small riot, etc. then there is something wrong with you!

Saturday nite the special lady and myself trucked over to Noblesville Indiana to see the final tour of Motley Crue. We are both lovers of fine metal (both hair and heavy) and Motley Crue is a shared favorite.

Now Alice Cooper was the opener and she had never seen him before. I had (review here Alice Cooper before now ). I convinced here to watch him instead of waiting in line for merch. He did not disappoint and she enjoyed his show. Seriously how could one not enjoy a giant singing Frankenstein monster, a sadistic nurse, beheading, electrocution, a giant snake and live music?

After a few a wait, a few of the most tasty beers, hot dogs and pretzels it was time for the main event.

Motley Crue put on a great show! They had all the explosions and energy as when we had seen them before. The band sounded great!

Nikki Sixx had a flame thrower guitar! Awesomeness!

 The set list was tight save for the opener " Motherfucker of the Year"  a new song that nobody in the crowd seemed to know "All Bad Things," and for some reason they played "Saints of Los Angeles." Besides these three songs it was a night of the best! We got Feelgood, Live Wire, Shout, Girls, Smoking, Too Fast, Without You, Girl Don't Go Away Mad, Primal Scream, their Anarchy cover, Same Old, Wild Side, Kickstart followed by Home Sweet Home to finish the show (won that bet Kitten). Then add sexy dancing girls in lots of skimpy leather outfits and a good amount of fire and explosions, and you have a hell of a show!


We heard everything we thought we would hear. Personally I could have used "Dancing on Glass" but that is just because it is personal favorite.

If there was a bad bit it had to be Vince Neil. I said earlier that the band sounded great. They did. He however, was a nonentity in some songs. During "Wild Side," "Dr. Feelgood," and "Shout At the Devil" you could not hear him at all. We wondered if it was the mike or just him. This being their third or fourth show this tour maybe there was sound s.n.a.f.u. or has he lost a bit too much? 

This was the only downside for me. Now if you ask my lady friend, she might rant about the madness of trying to get into the Klipsch Amphitheater. It was a hot mess, but I expected that. It always is. She obviously didn't take my warnings to heart and was unpleasantly surprised by that.

Vince Neil and the vocals aside it was great show and a fine farewell to my favorite hair metal band!

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  1. A quick aside:
    To the hungry guy I shared my pretzel with. "You're welcome!"
    To Moe the guy waiting with us in the merch line. "Dude you are awesome! Hope fit and enjoy the stocking hat!"