Friday, August 10, 2018

Gen Con 2018 floor stuff , parting shots

I would never buy it because it would probably get confused with a Trump shirt. That would lead me to get verbally or physically assaulted in the realm world.

Ummm...Privateer Press brings back Monsterapocalypse? Didn't this game fail years ago? So.... they brought it back again? Why? Was there a call for this again? Well look for this to be gone again in a few months. You know like Level 7, Underworld, Widows Wood, their football warjack game etc.

Speaking of Privateer Press...this Gen Con it looked like a poor showing. The yearly gaint lines for them have dwindled. They were located way back from where they usually are. You know right in the front of the hall. They had a lot less product than years past. 

I know we have bailed from MKIII because of the rules being a bit meh and the constant check for updates and there is just so much more to play that is more fun. 

Warmachine a Hordes was a great time for me and mine. However, the shift to MKIII really killed it for me and mine. Did it for others as well? Was everyone playing or interested in Warmachine/Hordes just busy doing other stuff instead of stopping by the booth?

I will not touch or feed, but I really want to!

Electric Football is making a comeback!?!?!?!?

The most adorable Fellowship ever!!

From Mantic Games
A Hellboy based game???
I will be watching this intensely!

Flying Frog and their new Japanese themed Brimstone game  Forbidden Fortress.
Will fill a niche that people need.  
We passed as the wyrd wild west that is Shadows of Brimstone is good for us.

Tentacle/Squid altar, don't need, but still kind of want!

 Fing Fang Foom or the Dragon Ball wish granting dragon?

Terrain Crate is dungeon dressing I really wanted to buy, but held off.
Great idea and great looking stuff.

New Dust 1947

Yeah I'm not playing the Mythos/ Cthulhu force yet.......yet

New Japan force stuff and it is mech and ninja based.

We only hit two days and I felt like I still didn't see enough or try enough stuff.
I missed getting a try at Big trouble in Little China the board game. Too long a wait every time I stopped by. I really wanted a chance to try this. My only real Gen Con regret.

A good time still, but we really felt like a 3rd day was almost needed just for me and the Mrs.
Goodbye/ Goodbye Gen Con 2018.
Starting the purchase fund for 2019 already.

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