Friday, May 11, 2018

D&D pre-game 5-12-18

The Argenian Wastelands

Lukas Fudderer had made it to the barren lands between the Twilight Fens and the coastline of the Sea of Shards. This was farther South than the old Lukas had ever wanted to travel. This new Lukas had discovered a love of adventure. Being able to physically hunt for and find the artifacts he had not so long ago only chronicled in texts back in the guild offices, was so much more rewarding. He had found lost tombs, ancient texts, ornate trinkets and fantastical magical items and the hideous creatures and traps guarding them. He has also formed a network of useful contacts and dare say even a few good friends.

He now stood atop a small hill overlooking his next adventure. A journey into the Argorian Wastelands. An area known for being  rocky, full of geysers, hot mud pools scrub brush and just generally inhospitable.  He reached into a pouch and produced a small notebook and map. He consulted both and then began to scan the horizon.

“Three days to Silver Town and then one or two more to reach the center. That shouldn’t be too difficult.” Lukas whispered to himself.

He quickly rolled up his map and stuffed it back in the pouch along with his little notebook. He then turned to face the two dwarves climbing up the hill behind him. One shirtless and wearing tattered overalls with a large floppy tan hat. The second is wearing trousers help together with various multicolored patches, a filthy tunic leather helmet that looks at least a size to big. He is also chewing on a cattail reed and whistling a tune. Both are shoeless with filthy beards, glassy eyes,  a bit of a slack jaw appearance and have an odor emanating from them that is a mix of unwashed body and swamp water.

Imagine this as a dwarf and you can guess what I am after with these dwarves.

“Well my good friends this is where we part ways. I thank you for your service and here is the payment you requested. Now if you would do me one additional favor. When you return to Wychlight, could you deliver this parcel to the gentlemen described in this note.”

“Lissen misser Fud’er. We canna tell, but we don’t read and writ so well. Um…you gonna have to desrcib these gent’men to us. Go slow. See my brother ain’t so quick on the uptake ya know.”

“Yes I can see that…..Well you need to take this small bag and give it to a group of people. Head to the……… and look for a half orc, a human and a copper scaled dragonman that are together. The orc will have a giant sword a winged helm. He is pretty easy to spot in a crowded room. As is the dragonman. You know since he is a dragon. You understand?”

“Yup! We need to find a us an orc, human and one of them there dragonmen back in town to giv’em that there package. You betcha we can do that for ya Mr. Lukas.”

Lukas reluctantly handed over a small cloth wrapped parcel and a dozen gold coins over to the dwarf.

“Now find these men. Give them this package and when I return I’ll pay you ten times what I am paying you right now.”

The two dwarves eyes lit up at the sound of ten times the amount paid,

“Hooo-weee Mr. Lukas  ya sure ya can afford to pay us that much gold? Ten times what ya given us today….well that is…..well like a fortune we ain’t never seen in these here parts. Ten times this. Hey Slim! We gonna be rich we Mr. Lukas gets back ta town!” The two dwarves began to laugh and dance about whipping their hats around in the air.

“Now listen! You must not dilly dally. Get back to Wychlight and find these men!” Lukas shouted.

“You betcha Mr. Lukas sir! Come on Slim! Get the boat movin’. We got us a dragonman to find and a fortune to collect.”

The two dwarves raced down the hill toward their small boat and began to furiously row back toward the swamp.

Lukas shook his head as they left. He turned back toward the rocky wasteland to the South while fishing around in his backpack. He removed a small item wrapped in sackcloth. He slowly unwraps it and sets it on the ground. He quickly moves to block the sun and casting a shadow on the item he placed on the ground. There is just enough cover for him to see the pulsing light emanating from the unremarkable hourglass he had removed from the tomb of Zerbaxa. The sands were still falling but a much more increased rate than they had the previous month.

“Well look at that time has sped up and the path has been lit. Looks like that crazy dead seer wasn’t as crazy after all. Now to match his knowledge with whatever Ariahiri Didani left behind in her lair. Three days to Silver Town and two to three more to the center and then into Ariahiri’s little den of potential iniquity. Hope those three answer the call. Not that I’ll probably need the help, but by the gods if I do they are perfect for this kind of work.” He said to himself as he rewrapped the hourglass and stuffed it into his backpack. “Three days to Silver Town and two to three to the center.” Lukas muttered as he jogged down the hillside toward the beginning of the Argenian Wasteland.

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