Tuesday, January 8, 2019

D&D Pre-Game 12-15 and 12-22

Kromden- Dwarf fighter
Tendious- Human Cleric of Tempus
Garriegh “Gary”- Human Cleric of the Storm (dude worships Thor kind of…)
Paleus- Elf warlock

A day or so after the successful demolishing of the creepy Cult in the town of Drakka, our party of heroes was still resting after those events. It was then that they received word that three of the remaining five cultists had been caught. The local constable and his deputies tracked down three new arrivals to town. Three new arrivals that just so happened to be in possession of multi-tentacle medallions and purple robes. Hearing this a few party members go to investigate. They find the three men named cultist are all in prison and unconscious. It seems the constable and his men had to rough them up a bit during their arrest. Once they wake they will be interrogated and tried as per the local laws. The party is told that there is a 100 gold crown bounty for the missing shop keep and his wife. Well 200 crowns was nothing to sneeze at and the party went about trying to find a lead to the whereabouts of the missing husband and wife cultists.

They manage to find information from the local leather workers/hunters in town. This pair of elves had recently seen the shopkeeper and his wife running through the swamp while carrying a lot of extra baggage. They tried to approach them, but it only seemed to spook them and drive them deeper into the swamp. The mention they were last seen running toward the ruins of an old citadel on the outskirts of the deep swamp ruins. They offer to take the party to this area. The group gears up and jumps aboard the elves’ large swamp boat (a glorified barge) and off they go into the swamps.

A day later and they arrive near the ruins the shopkeeper and wife. The elves tell them that is where  they we headed. The party inquires to the ruins and the elves just say they stay away due to an “unnatural” feeling they get from the remains of the stone structure.

It was then that from a large patch of tall swamp grass three lizard men adorned in bone armor adorned with blue and yellow feathers, approaches the boat. The elves explain that they know this tribe and to just stay on the boat while they parlay with them. Several minutes later the elves return and tell the party the local tribe is on the hunt for a traitor they refer to as Red Feather. You know due to his head gear having red feathers (lizard men am I right?). Anyway they are hunting for him as he has taken their scared black rock and betrayed the tribal laws. They are offering rewards for his capture or demise.

The party makes  their last minute preparations. The elven hunters tell them they will return to this spot in each afternoon for the next three days to bring the party back to town. After that they will have to work their way back on their own. The four adventurers bid them farewell and make their way toward the semi-sunken and grown over ruins of this long empty citadel. As they approach they notice the trees have begun to rot and warp. Also amongst the foliage are dozens of bent and twisted saplings with pale leaves and strange white buds. It was plant life no one in the party had ever seen before. They chalked it up to wyrd swamp plants and made their way to the ruined citadel on the hunt for the two surviving cultists and the 200 crown reward.

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