Thursday, December 6, 2018

D&D Post Game 10-6-18....Finally posting this- Part 1

Well after facing down giants and ogres our daring party returned to their home in Stonekeep for some rest and relaxation. The bard wandered off to the local drinking establishments to ply his trade for the locals. The fighter/archer returned to the local stables to continue his job there and make money for his family. The monk and rouge made their way back to their new house. When they arrived they noticed their front door slightly ajar. Maybe their alchemist roommate just forgot to close it….or maybe someone else was home.

The monk checked the perimeter and windows on the first floor. Everything looked clear from his vantage point. He entered the front door and began to investigate the first floor. The alchemist had left a note telling them he was out shopping for reagents and had left a small stash of potions for their use if needed. Meanwhile, the rouge began to climb to the second floor and in through a slightly ajar window. It was then that the rouge discovered he was not the only person on the second floor of the house!

A figure in dark clothes leapt from the shadows and drove a pair of daggers toward the dragonborn rouge. He dodged them and drew his own weapons. The monk rushed to the top of the stairs and was also met with a pair of attacks from a shadowy figure. The monk and rouge fought back and quickly put down their assailants with fist and blade.

A quick search of the dead bodies revealed a pair human males wearing of black and purple medallions along with light armor, their weapons, some awful smelling mud on their boots and a small bit of green vegetation on one assassins’ boot heel. The medallions they had seen before, symbols of the Dark Moon Order. They are a group of Raven Queen followers with monastic traditions, evil monastic traditions. The rouge and monk both looked at the medallions and then to the ceiling. They had a feeling they were not alone., so they then went about investigating the rooms upstairs.

The doors to the rouge’s and monk’s rooms were still closed. The rouge, being very un-rouge, kicked open the door to his room. He was met by a hail of small darts to chest. He dove to the side, but not before a dozen darts found their way into his flesh. As he tended to his wounds the monk entered the room and found a small box with twenty holes in the front facing the doorway and a few small rings and some broken thin wire. Besides the rouge’s personal , the room was empty. The dragonborn, after removing darts and staunching some bleeding, investigated the monk’s door. As he gently pushed the door open he found another thin wire that ran toward the ceiling. There he found a small crate. He nimbly cut the wire and grabbed the small ring it was attached too. A ring that if pulled by the wire would open the crate poised above the door. A crate that contained a half dozen thin glass flasks full of acid. It seems the Dark Moon were after the party once again. The duo searched the rest of the house, but no further traps were found. The grabbed the two bodies and drug them outside and down a nearby alley. They poised them to look like they were a pair of drunks sleeping off the night in the alley.

After a bit of sketchy investigation…the monk and rouge discovered that the bit of vegetation found on the assassins’ boot was known to grow on a small island a few miles up the Metedras River. An island that was once home to a Stonekeep watchtower and garrison. An island that now was slowly being reclaimed by the river. An island that was supposedly haunted, full of evil, devoid of life, a place of dark magic, bad smells, pure evil and all manner of other silly rumors. An island that was the next stop for the adventuring party.

The monk and rouge quickly ran off to check on their archer friend (who would need some monetary coaxing to leave his safe and secure horse stable tending job)  and then to this “haunted island” and empty watch tower of  Del Garath  to get answers.

It sort of looks like this but a bigger island, fog and the tower is sinking and tilted.

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