Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Metal balloon robot flying rifle dwarves?

What is this? Steampunk airship/balloon metal dwarves?
Are these fantasy squats or just something wildly new?
These are the new Kharadron Overlords. Whatever that means.
Image result for sigmar flying dwarves
Now thankfully I got into 40K after the squats had been taken away. Looking at them what a mess! Seriously isn’t bad enough that the 41st millennium has the  space orks, space elves of both varieties, space ogres, space vampires, space tomb undead/tomb kings, space werewolves, space chaos forces, and space vampires. Did it (does it) really need space dwarves too? There was (and still is) more than enough fantasy crossover into 40K.
Sorry off topic there.

Too many metal beards!

Here are new Sigmar Age dwarves (that are not probably not called dwarves) that have a fondness for balloons and lots of metal. How does a metal balloon fly let alone a balloon carry so much metal?
I am not a fan of balloons and metal armor beards at all. However, I understand if people are giddy with excitement over these kits.

They scratch all the steampunk and dwarf itches that I guess certain parts of the populace have.
Still it is a wild new look and something I have never seen before. I am just confused by the look of all this.
The Sigmar line continues to impress with it’s wyrdness.

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