Thursday, April 20, 2017

Indiana Comic Con experience

Skipped over to Indianapolis last Friday to check out their comic book convention.

It was what I expected. A lot of collectables, a lot of comic boxes to dive through, a ton of artists and artwork, and comic industry celebrity.

I did see a lot of cosplay, but I was too busy looking at stuff to snap pics. Mostly the artwork. There were a ton of really great pieces to gawk at.

We hit up the 501st Legion to see what they were doing. While there of course we got a family photo with a wookie and some Storm Troopers. Then we were draw into a conversation about Star Wars. It was then discovered that some members of the family were interested in Jawas and Tusken Raiders. Sooooo that might be a thing I the future?

Me and my special lady really were attracted to the style of one Corinne Roberts. The fact that she dabbles in fantasy, childhood nostalgia and Halloween helped a ton too. Her proper Smaug and the Secret of Nihm painting really jumped out at me. The Keeper of the Keys, Sam and Bilbo and the Halloween paintings drew in my lady. So yeah we bought several of her prints to add to our geeky art collection. If you like her stuff check out her other stuff. 

Of course Pops were purchased, but only two for me. The old school cylon and Smaug were my pics. My lady nabbed Pennywise and Hannibal Lector for the horror shelf. I seem to be wearing her down!

For an afternoon trip it was an interesting experience. If we go next year we will probably dump the kids. They liked the sound of it, but (even after I warned them) the experience wasn’t what they envisioned. They were thinking San Diego and got Indiana instead.

If you are into comic stuff, artwork, general nerdery and/or collectables it is worth a day trip and price of admission.

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