Thursday, June 5, 2014

Warmachine and Hordes quick games.

I was able to play a game of Warmachine and Hordes at battle box points the other night.

This was the first time I was able to run my Warmachine stuff. Sure it wasn’t a true battle box and I had to borrow a Deathripper, but it was still low models and low points. I ran a Slayer, 3 Deathrippers and Asphyxious. I faced off against the Convergence battle box with the Swiss army knife looking warcaster, two of the three legged light warjacks and the heavy double spiked piston armed warjack. I have no idea what these guys can do, but I learned quickly.

It was a quick game without too much action early. The Cyriss heavy is no joke with two power 18 attacks he wrecked my Slayer in three hits. It also helped that my dumb ass charged and came up an inch short and left him just sitting there with his cheese hanging. Yeah it was a bad turn there. The Cyriss light warjack that can knock models down did to one of my Deathrippers and then it was dismantled in turn. The utility tool robot caster was able to repair his warjacks a few points every turn and that was mildy annoying. It quickly came down to having my Deathrippers tie up the heavy face beating warjack and Asphyxious pummeling his counterpart with spells via an arc node. When that didn’t work to kill him, the following turn he decided to get his hands dirty. He flew up and sustained attack speared him to death. It was a caster getting a caster kill! By that time it was really all I had left. His warjacks were all functional and I had a crippled pair of Detahrippers left.

I really had no idea what to expect or where to strike. I was really off balance. Plus, it was a little different mechanic with focus instead of fury. I was lucky to pull out a win. I really was in a tight spot with three fully functional warjacks vs. two crippled lights and my warcaster.

Cyriss is interesting with their ability to shift focus down the ranks. That seems like some crazy focus efficiency. Their heavy puncher is no joke either. Their light warjacks didn’t do too much, but one of them has some knock down ability gun, and that blows. I’m not sure I would ever join their ranks, but their models do appeal to me. Wait! I’ve been down the robot road before. Scratch that! I’ll have to pass on the Warmachine Necrons.

The second game was Hordes and out comes my trusty druids to face off against the Legion of Everblight. Lylith her Carnivean and the Shredder squad were my opponents. I am curios about these guys, and plus I had the chance to fight a big bitey dragon monster.

This moved a lot faster as the dragon spawn raced at me as fast as possible. I retaliated in kind and took down the three shredders in short order, then Lylyth went shooty crazy and hit my Warpwolf. Then her feat drops and the Carnivean proceeds to wreck the big bad wolf’s face in a single round along with punishing an Argus with his fire breath. What was even better was the fact that after all this, if I attacked him I took damage due to spine eruption ,spiney growth, spiny stab or whatever porcupine ability/spell was happening. Either way it was rough. I was killing myself while trying to kill him. Sadly, my Argus both fell to the dragon monster and combo of his spikey bits and punchy fists. I had been moving Kaya up in hopes of doing something. Eventually I had a clear shot at the busty bow wielding Nyss elf and proceeded to fire off as many Spirit Fang spells as possible. When those didn’t kill her, I opted to take damage to repeat the process. Down to my last two fury I was able to hit with the power 12 spell. Lylyth only had a single point of damage left. I roll for damage and……2! A fraking 2! I roll snake eyes and fail to do any damage to her. The following turn the Carnivean is forced to charge and drops some 30 points of damage on Kaya. All that is left is a red smear on he ground.

The Carnivean is damned impressive! It was cool to face one and they are rough! I get why they cost as much as they do for a nameless warbeast. Plus add in Lylith’s shenanigans and it gets worse. The small swarm of Shredders I wasn’t worried about, but I could see a number of them being an annoyance. Lylyth never appealed to me, but I learned that with her special magic bow she can do some wonderful tricks.

What I learned…………….
A missed charge can ruin your whole battle plan.
Asphyxious is no slouch in melee, if he has the focus for it.
Carnivean and Lylyth equal a ton of sharp pointy bits of pain.
I still have no idea what the Cyriss stuff is called.
Arc nodes are better than I could have expected.
360 degree front arc saved my butt, literally.
Eyeless sight ruins a lot of what I like to do with the druids.
Maybe the Legion is worth another look?
Is Focus is better than Fury? need many more games to decide.

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