Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hordes battle with the boy!

The trio of argus raced toward a small war torn village. They were not friends of the settlement, but they were looking for some sport.These three argus had just been trained by the druids; and it was now up to Kaya to see if they were ready to be put under the command of her fellow warlocks. What better way than to test their mettle and ability than against an adversary.

With the boy in town for a bit it was time to get him into the Privateer Press universe. He has done the Gencon demo stuff and watched a game or two, but has never really dove into the game. I'm no genius, but I can get him to learn the basics. He chose the trolls (not like I have a lot of options) starter set and I took a force of druids. The table was set and off we went.



I thought it would be fun to try a group of three puppies. Sure it doesn't pack the punch of a Warpwolf, but who cares. I like me some two headed dog monsters!
This would be the easy  1st warlock dead loses game. I was gifted with first turn.

Turn 1 Druid/Troll
Nothing of note, just jockeying for position.

Turn 2 Druid
I continue to move forward hugging the ruins for cover. I throw Occulation on the lead Argus to hopefully keep thrown spears away from him.

Turn 2 Troll
The lead Impaler moves up and uses his far strike animus to increase the range of his throw. He targets the lead Argus and has range, however, he is still just over 6 inches away. He cannot hit due to the stealth spell cast on him. The remaining Impaler moves to flank.

Turn 3 Druid
I let my stealth expire. It is go time! The lead Argus is forced to charge and hits, but does fairly low damage. I then force two more attacks with similar low damage. The right flank Argus has no charge lane thanks to the building I was using for cover. I instead roll him to the left side. The remaining Argus Kaya teleports with Spirit Door next to his engaged buddy.  Kaya throws Occulation on herself and riles the beasties.

Turn 3 Troll
The Impaler actives and starts swinging wildly with his spear. After his initial miss he swings a second and then a third finally connects. The Axer charges in and also misses. He is forced again and connects this time. Madrak moves up and throws down Surefoot.

Turn 4 Druid- We are in it now!
The Argus walks over to chomp on the Impaler. Two attacks both connect and leave only his body remaining. A third attack misses. The second Argus chooses to attack the newly arrived Axer. After a combo strike and two extra attacks, the Axer has taken a piddly amount of damage. Kaya is in range to start slinging spells to burn some fury. She doesn't move to gain the aiming bonus and begins hurling magic at the engaged Axer. She hits but fails damage. She casts again, hits and does enough damage to cripple the Axer's mind aspect. The remaining Argus moves back behind Kaya to protect from the flanking Impaler.

Turn 4 Troll
Madrak leeches and can't pull enough fury back. A threshold check is needed on the Impaler, and he passes. Madrak throws down Carnage for a bonus to hit and damage for the beasties in his control range. He then spends some fury to heal the wounded Axer. The far lone Impaler moves and chucks a spear at the Argus behind Kaya. He is out of control range so no boosting is possible. The throw misses. Sad troll face. The Axer activates and tears a chunk out of the Argus. He is forced to attack again, hits, boosts the damage and puts the hurt on the dog. The engaged Impaler activates and attacks the Argus fighting the Axer in hope of finishing him. He hits and does enough damage to slay the dog. He is then forced to attack the Argus chewing on his leg. He boosts to hit and misses.

Turn 5 Druid
Kaya activates, aims and hurls a Spirit Fang at the Axer. It his and the boosted damage cripples the mind and body aspect of the troll. She slings another spell at him and does enough damage to drop the beast. The Argus on the Impaler bites down with bother heads and tears several chunks out of the troll with the boosted combo strike.

Turn 5 Troll
Madrak falls back. His remaining Impaler uses Farstrike to get range on the wounded Argus. He hits and with boosted damage cripples the mind and body of the dog.

Turn 6 Druid
Kaya heals 6 points to the Argus and then uses her feat. She leeches 6 fury instantly and teleports the third Argus up the field. The newly healed Argus attacks the wounded Impaler and misses with boosted combo strike. It also misses with forced extra attack.

Turn 6 Troll
Madrak hurls Rathrok at the freshly teleported Argus and misses. He then forces the Impaler to regenerate and start attacking the dog biting him. After two attacks, the Argus is not hit. The remaining Impaler continues to move closer to the action.

Turn 7 Druid
The stalemate Argus/Impaler fight needs to end. A dual bite hits and boosted damage  does little. A second attack is forced, and the Impaler finally goes down. The other Argus charges with a combo strike and hits. A second attack is forced and misses. Kaya moves to get a shot at Madrak, but doesn't have it.

Turn 7 Troll
Madrak hurls Rathrok at the wounded and free Argus. The magic axe sinks deep into the beasts side and lays it low. Up comes the Surefoot. The Impaler then attacks twice and both miss. He then is forced to regenerate a couple of vitality points.

Turn 8 Druid- Crunch time!
The Argus continues to bite at the spear wielding troll. The two heads clamp down and the damage is enough to remove more than half the beast’s vitality points. I force another attack that hits. The damage roll comes up box cars! The Impaler falls to the ground. Good doggy! Kaya has range to the now lonely Madrak. She unleashes a Spirit Fang and hits. She boosts the damage, but only 4 points of damage are caused. She throws stealth up on herself to hopefully keep from ranged retaliation.

Turn 8 Troll
Madrak upkeeps Surefoot. He then moves forward to engage the remaining Argus. He attacks, boosts the roll and does a fair amount of damage to the dog. He then chooses to take 2 damage to gain fury. He attacks again, boosts the hit and the damage. The Argus crumples under the assault from his mighty magical axe.

Turn 9 Druid- Showdown! or Nut Cutting Time on the Farm!
Kaya throws all she has at the troll warlock . He spell hits, but Madrak negates it with his scroll of “ Bitch Please!” She then hurts herself for 4 damage and casts two more Spirit Fang spells. The damage amounts to 4 more points of damage. Damn he is tough!

Turn 9 Troll
Madrak advances, thanks to the spell damage reducing his SPD, last thing Kaya needs is a charging Madrak! His attack misses and he forgoes doing any more damage to himself to gain fury.

Turn 10 Druid
Kaya takes 4 damage to gain more fury. A boosted hit and damage roll, puts 4 more damage on Madrak. She swings again and luckily hits, she boosts the damage for 4 more points. She is slowly chopping down the angry troll.

Turn 10 Troll
Madrak takes his shot at Kaya. He chooses not to take any more damage to gain fury. He hits and I cringe…He knocks all but 1 health box off. (Here I offer my advice to take a point of damage to get another attack, but nope).

Turn 11 Druid
Kaya swings and connects the damage roll succeeds and Madrak takes 6 damage! He falls and here comes the toughness role…….a two! Madrak stays down.

The troll warlock’s eyes slowly roll back as he slumps to the ground. Kaya lowers her guard and looks over the village square. The ground is littered with bodies and blood. Her argus fought well, but sadly they would be returning with her. Using her staff to support herself she slowly makes her way to the edge of the destroyed village and to the forest beyond. There she can recover safely before having to return without the three argus entrusted to her.

This was a training game for the boy, so I played soft and it made for a crazy close finish. If anything was learned it is that the boy is very conservative with fury. He rarely wanted to cast and force. After seeing how it works a few times he started getting used to using the fury/forcing mechanics. Still for never playing before he did really well with what to fight when and even tried to set a trap for me. I was impressed. Hopefully I can get him to throw down again.

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