Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The new Wulfen are here?

Years ago these are the Wulfen that were released. 
it was all part of the 13th Black Crusade event and they weren't terrible, for that time.
A lot of hair, fangs and claws.

They were part of the lost 13th Company of Space Wolves that came back to fight Abbadon and his goons.

Now they have been re-made and are here again.
The new Wulfen!

Space Wolves Wulfen


Is the guy in the top right corner taking a selfie? Checking his make-up?

Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl 50 or Holy Crap Did That Just Happen?!

At the kick-off I still had reservations. Like I said in my last post I had to have hope. That hope was answered by an amazing defensive performance!

Prevent Offense run by Peyton for the win!

The fact that the league is quarterback friendly and geared toward offense with it's rules set, to have a defensive fueled game was fantastic. Watching Denver ruin the plays of the Panthers every series was just incredible. Take away Peyton's interception and this would have been a complete embarrassment for the Panthers.

Speaking of Peyton, yes he was hurt and bad this season. Yes people threw the fact he needed the defense to win for him.
Then throw in the fact this is a team game and everyone needs everyone else to work together to win.

It is a team game people! Who cares how as long as they all get the job done. 
They did just that!
It wasn't pretty on the offensive side, but it was a thing of beauty on the defensive side!

Then Von Miller and the rest of the Denver defense had a lights out night. 
What they did to Tom Brady two weeks prior they continued.

Even being held horribly a lot of the game Von Miller was phenomenal! 

Seriously how do these not get called.
Even better how does holding him not stop him?

Image result for super bowl 50 highlights
Did he really not try and dive on this ball? Yes that happened.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

#50 and pregame stress

Usually I'm ecstatic on this day. However this year I'm all a bundle of nerves. It is easier to watch a Super Bowl without you r team in it. Well if your me that is the case. I have seen Denver win two and lose twice that since I've been following football. 

Now we have Super Bowl 50. A milestone. A game where Denver has been counted out by basically everybody. I have doubts myself after watching them all season. Carolina is playing fantastic the two weeks prior and Denver was winning, but just. 

Monday will either be a day of continued jubilation or another day of gloom after Denver drops their fifth Super Bowl and becomes a bigger joke than the Buffalo Bills. 

I imagine if the game gets out of hand I'll head home and just wait for a new episode of the Venture Brothers and watch the commercial spots online.

All I can do today is sit, eat, watch and hope.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Repurposed Bradigus Thorle

I was looking at adding a Blackclad Wayfarer to my forces and what do I see online for next nothing?

An Iron Kingdoms RPG version of Bradigus Thorle. I though why not snatch him up and use him.

It is not as dynamic posed and looks a little derpy in comparison; but for the rock bottom cost this guy will work just fine as a stand in for the standard Blackclad model.

A lot of black, some browns and a smidge of metallic and green. The first Circle models with some brassy gold metal which is the common theme of the studio armies.

The green eyes are supposed to give him a ley line energy look, but I’m not overly fond of it now. I might just go back and cover that all up. …..

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Zombie/robot bomb!

Thrall bomb complete.

How can I not like an undead cyborg (zomborg) bomb?
I simply cannot!

I can run six more of these for dirt cheap and might just do that!

Another wonderful gifts from those wacky techs in the necroforges!
 Now the necrotech has a little buddy!
Look how cute these guys look together!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Weekly schlock and crazy Frank

Oh the 80’s were a magical movie time for horror. There was a myriad of slashers out there and they ranged from awesome to complete drek.

I have been perusing the back logs of horror I finally got around to some more early 80’s horror that some love/loathe.

Maniac from 1980.

We are introduced to one Frank Zito. He is a schlubby guy who looks equal part big harmless brute and full on creep-o stalker. He has just awoken from a dream about a twin killing on the beach. HE gets up to start his day and we see his tiny one room apartment (if you can call it that). Inside are several mannequins, paintings and a framed picture of what you can guess is his mom.

Red flag right there! Mommy issues!

We see Frank stroll around Times Square and acquire himself a woman of the night. This leads to a hotel room where instead of gentle love making Frank strangles the crap out of here and then scalps here with an adjustable x-acto knife. He returns home to place his new hooker hairpiece on one his mannequins. Frank has not only taken the top of the hooker’s head, but also her wardrobe. He places the clothes on the mannequin as well.

Well we know what Frank is all about now, being a lady killing, scalping and mannequin dressing serial killer.

For the majority of the movie Frank Zito is busy talking to himself, wheezy laughing, stalking his prey, dispatching them and adding new scalps and clothes to his plastic ladies.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tonight! Season 6!

There are only three times during a year where I have a response like this: the Super Bowl, X-mas and when a new season of the Venture Brothers airs!

Season 6 kicks off tonight and I'm spending a chunk of my day binge watching everything up to it.

Plus the weekly shirt club is back and I'll hope that they have some descent stuff like they did last time around.