Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween reboot #1 The Fog


The Fog was a tale about a small Northern California seaside community that was set to enjoy its 100th anniversary. Hooray for them! Well that is until a strange fog bank begins to slip into town nightly to scare and murder the townsfolk. See the ghosts of a doomed sunken boat full of lepers wants their revenge one hundred years after the fact.

The Original

The original movie is a great sinister ghost story. The atmosphere is creepy and scary without a fancy special effects and gore. The tension builds well throughout the film. The screenplay and score are good. It also brings some heat with Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Adkins, Hal Holbrook, Janet Leigh and Adrienne Barbeau (me-ow!). it even throws in a fun little gotcha ending that I found awesome when I saw this in my youth! It might  not be seen as John Carpenter’s best work, but it still pretty damn fun and one of the better ghost stories I’ve seen over all the years.

THE FOG 2005

Here we have the same seaside town doing a 134 year anniversary of their town founders. Wait is 134 years a real anniversary thing? Anyway the whole creepy fog begins to arrive and ruin the lives of any and all the townsfolk with its cargo of ghost lepers. Especially, the ancestors of the original four founding fathers of the town.

Alright, the original was fun. The reboot was anything but that.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Halloween moth again and #900!

My 900th post to date and so that is a thing!  What better way to kick it off than to celebrate October!

The time has come again where everything pumpkin and scary is en vogue.

Hello October! The month of delicious scares and spices!

As always I’m going to dive into the arena of spoooooky movies that are more popular this month than most. I am going to shock and scare myself more than I ever have when it comes to horror movies. How? Why?

See I am going to watch as many of the horror movie remakes as I possibly can this month! This is an equal part time crunch and waste of time crunch. There are just so many reboots out there I don't have the time to cover them all. 

I am diving into the Platinum Dunes horror movies, the remakes of John Carpenter films and the reboots of some of the cult classic spooks and thrillers!

Yeah I’m going force my way through some of the popular and cult classic rebooted films. This is probably going to suck!

This is my idea of survival horror. I have to survive all this remake drek!

Here is hoping I find a gem within all these, but it is doubtful.

Happy Halloween!

First up is the  reboot of a favorite of mine; The Fog!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Zombie Dice expansion

After a few games of Zombie Dice it was brought to our attention that we needed the expansions.

A quick trip and back to the game store and we had Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature and Zombie Dice 3: School Bus.

These expansions don’t change the fundamental game. The expansions add new dice, have a few little scenarios to play and basically just add a new bit of risk reward to the game.

Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature has three new dice. These three dice are added and three other dice are removed. The dice represent the Hunk, Hottie and Santa? What? Well there are three quasi-scenarios in this expansion: “Big Summer Action Film,” “Santa Meets the Zombies” and “The Direct to Video Sequel.”  Theses play exactly the same, there are just minor tweaks. The biggest is replacing the standard yellow dice with the new alternate Hunk, Hottie and Santa dice.

The Hunk die replaces a shotgun blast with a double blast causing two hits. Instead of a single brain though, it has a tasty double brain. Sadly, the rest of the sides contain a pair of single shotgun blasts and feet.

The Hottie has two shotgun blasts, one brain and three feet.

The Santa die is all kinds of crazy. This die represents the jolly old elf’s bag of goodies he carries. I guess even zombies like X-mas? This die has a double brain a helmet, and an energy drink, a shotgun, feet and a single brain. See everyone loves Santa. The helmet side gives the player/zombie a bit of ablative armor. They can now keep rolling until they hit four shotgun blasts instead of three. The energy drink allows all feet rolled during the current turn to be counted as brains. One cannot out run a zombie chock full of Red Bull.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

D.M. Guide 5th

Decided to grab the Dungeon Masters guide for 5th edition. I wasn’t sure I really wanted it beforehand.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Master's Guide (Fifth Edition)

When we were into 4th edition I wasn’t really impressed with that DM guide. It didn’t look bad. It just didn’t look to really be helpful.

After thumbing through the 5th edition version of this book, I was surprised at how much usefulness there was in here.

After spending a few hours with this book it hit me. WOW! This really feels like a newer version of the Advanced D&D 2nd edition DM guide. The treasure tables! Oh how I missed those things! The dungeon dressings! The lists of poisons and traps! The various charts for rolling up encounters, adventures, dungeon dressing, NPCs, villains, etc., are all in here. Boy howdy did I ever miss those!

If you ever need a quick game idea or have gamers block, then go to the randomized chart and pick a locale and beasties from the list. You can even go all crazy and roll for all of it too. I usually hate random. I have railed against it before and will again. However, in the case of game creation while lacking an idea or lack of prep time, it can be very helpful.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Bloodthrister of Bloodthristers?

G.W. finally delivers a Skarbrand model. 

Rockin' a Khorne ear ring? Go ahead make a joke about it. I'm sure he'll find it comical.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Weekly schlock and Cronenberg

I’m hot and cold with David Cronenberg movies.

A quick aside….

This dude makes some outrageous stuff. I might not like everything he does, but damn is the majority of it just next level bonkers! The guy is has a delightfully twisted mind. I respect that.

When it  comes to the movies of his I have seen: The Fly, The Dead Zone, Scanners, and A History of Violence I find good on various levels, but I did not really enjoy Eastern Promises, Shivers, Naked Lunch, Crash and The Brood. I have never given Videodrome a chance. Not because I heard anything really bad about it, but mostly because I have been more disappointed than not when it comes to Cronenberg movies. Videodrome is on a lot of must see lists, so I added it to the queue to see why this is a favorite among so many.

We start with Max Renn (a fantastic character name) who is the head of a local cable channel. His station is known for startling and crazy shows. He knows that sex, violence and a mix of the two sell. However, he is always looking for something new to get the viewers. Low and behold a satellite control lackey finds a pirate broadcast of some torture, rape and murder show called Videodrome. Max sees this as a great bit of new programming and begins a search to find out more about it.
Best/worst show ever!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pariah review

Finally decided to sit down with the follow up to the Eisenhorn and Ravenor books, Pariah. Well at least that is what I am hoping this will be about.

When last I left the great Dan Abnett Inquisition part of the 40K universe; Eisenhorn was a rouge and Ravenor was “retired” by the Inquisition. Now her come Pariah to open all this up again as it is touted as an Eisenhorn vs Ravenor trilogy.

Alright here we are thrust into the world of one Beta Bequin. Who is a psychic blank, or pariah. See what he did with the title! She is studying to be part of an Inquisitorial retinue someday, or is she? Beta’s world goes all wonky when her school is attacked and her world turns into a whole bunch of cat and mouse meets cloak and dagger. She has friends who might be enemies. Strangers with and without candy after her. A creepy old man following her. A chorno gladiator (or it more than just that?) helping her. A psychic floating chair talking to her. A psyker with killer hair pins is after her. Wait who is she really? What are these killer dolls about? Look out Word Bearers are on the move! Plus she may be a clone of her long dead mom? Ho didn’t see that coming? What the feth is going on here? HOLY CRAP the last two pages are the payoff I was waiting for!