Thursday, May 5, 2016

D&D post game wrap

Last Saturday night’s D&D game went off pretty well. The group achieved the goals put forth before them. They survived, learned that certain druids are as thick as the trees they protect, made some coin,  and didn’t even make a new enemy….or did they?

Reginald the ½ orc barbarian with a wicked fashion sense, Ren the fleet footed monk and Morgan a magician of questionable transmutation skill; were hired out to make a quick run to retrieve some magical spring water held within a “magical” forest. They also went out hunting for a roving ogre who had been terrifying the countryside. They were also told of a job to help clear out the sewers, but they declined that. I don’t blame them. It would have been disgusting and didn’t pay as well as the other two jobs.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Weekly schlock and further sequel

Phantasm IV: Oblivion

Well the title sounds ominous.

This installment start off where Phantasm III ended. Mike is on the run. Reggie is trapped by the Tall Man’s spheres. Jody, Mikes brother, is still a black sphere. All the other players from part II are gone.

Reggie is allowed to leave and avoids death by silver balls. He  heads out after Mike who is driving a hearse into the vast wasteland that is part of this world. HE is out to find more about the Tall Man and their creepy gold sphere in the head connection.

While on the road Reggie is attacked by a demon cop for some unknown reason. He also picks up a girl who needs roadside assistance. This of course leads to Reggie getting all smooth and quasi-pervy on the lady. He is denied sexy time and goes to sleep. This starts the first of a few too many dream sequences in the film. Reggie dreams of Mike and stuff. He awakes to the pretty lady next to him in bed with her chest undulating. This can mean one thing! Reggie is going to explore her boobs! As the shirt pops open we see that her chesticles have been replaced with the well-known Tall Man silver spheres! Reggie dispatches them and heads after Mike again.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Some pre-game info

A quick bit of world building I'm throwing out before Saturday's D&D game.

The Frost Peaks form a natural border to  the West. The Great Eastern Fringe is comprised of a sweeping wasteland and fetid swamp. The Northern border is shared with the forested lands of Mishcinsen. The South is a wide plain that is dotted with small clumps of forest. Between all this is the land known as Midlund.

The central city of Midlund is known as Stoneskeep. A city of a few thousand citizens set along the grand Metedras River. The central location and availability to the river make it a prime location for travel and trade.

Along the Eastern Fringe where the Metedras empties into a fetid bog one can find the town of Wychlight.  It is the last bastion of civilization before one travels into the dark and dangerous Twilight Fens.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Basement ready as possible for this coming weekend.

We have been slowly getting everything together for a nerdy gaming friendly basement.
Paint is complete. Assembly is complete. Cleaning is complete. Display is almost done.
This coming weekend looks to be the official christening.

It isn't completely done, but as they say...close enough for government work.

Here are a few of the sights to see so far.

Stormtrooper flanked electroic entertainment zone.
Ton of skulls and Pops above.
Skulls are sort of thing I do.

Dragon head above the lintel.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Another wrestler gone

I remeber her when she came in with D Generation X.
A giant woman who was part equalizer and "manager."
She eventually went the way of ladies in wrestling.
Both parts scary and kind of hot in an amazonian warrior way.