Friday, January 12, 2018

D&D Pre-game 1-13-18

Granwards Atheneum within the dwarven city of Ferrous Spur……….

A figure sits hunched over a table. Stacks of books and varying sized piles of parchment surrounds him.  The wall behind him is covered in maps depicting the same area, but from various eras. He is furiously flipping pages and scrawling notes in a small leather bound book.

The light in the room is beginning to dwindle as the lanterns in the room run low on oil. A small figure moves enters the room and begins to replenish the oil in the lamps. The man at the table does not notice.

The small figure leaves and returns a few minutes later with a small tray. Upon it is a  pitcher of water a small glass and an assortment of bread  and cheese. The preferred afternoon meal for the gentleman in the room.

“Excuse me mister sir.” A small squeaky voice calls out. “I have your food. Would you like it in on the table or just here on the floor like usual?” a small gnome dressed like a barmaid stood by the table unseen behind the towering piles of books and papers.

Lukas Fudderer looks up from his books and papers. His eyes are bloodshot with giant black circles surrounding them. He nods to the floor and dives back into his research. He knows that he is close. The tomes he recovered from Zerbaxa’s tomb have been beyond beneficial. He just needs one last piece of information. The maps! It has to be the maps! That is the only place left to look, but where? He leaps from his chair and the maps down from the wall. They are all of the same region of the Frost Peak mountains. He flips maps back and forth over each other. He then begins to measure distance between various points on each amp. He flips through pages of notes. Then back to the maps.

Lukas looks once more to his notes and then closes the little notebook. He wraps a few maps up and places them in a cylindrical metal case. He gathers up the tomes and scrolls he had recovered from Zerbaxa’s tomb and shoves them all into his backpack. He then reorganizes the remaining books between four different shelves and three other tables. He even goes so far as to pour out the inkwell  and break the quill he was using.

The gnome server is still standing in the doorway. “Is everything ok mister sweetie sir?” she asks in her high sqeauky voice.

“No and yes.” Lukas replies as he continues to stare at the maps.

“Ok then mister sir. Just ring if you need anything ok.” she replies as she turns to leave.

“Actually, there is one thing you can do for me miss.”

“What is that mister sir?” she asks.

Lukas motions for her over to the wall. He reaches down and removes a pouch from his belt. He turns and drops to one knee and takes her little gnome hand into his.

“I want you to take this for your service.” Lukas says as he places a small yet heavy pouch into her hand. “Miss Tillnip you have been most beneficial with bringing me books and maps for my research and making sure I took time to eat as well. You deserve this.”

“Well aren’t you just the sweetest thing.” Tillnip replies and gives Lukas a big hug.

“Now Miss Tillnip. This payment is also for your silence. There may be people looking for the information I have retrieved. If you keep them from obtaining it I would be most appreciative.” He says while handing her another small pouch.

“Consider it done Mr. Lukas sir.” She hugs him, kisses him on the cheek and rushes off to begin the task of tyding up the mess Lukas has left behind.

“Mister Lukas sir! You forgot this. You don’t want to forget this mister sir!” Tillnip shouts as Lukas is leaving the room.

Lukas turns to see Tillnip holding a nondescript hourglass in her hands. The sands slowly counting down to something.

“Why thank you Tillnip. I wouldn’t have wanted to leave this behind.” Lukas replies as  he takes the hourglass from her. The sands within still slowing counting down……

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