Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dear WB and DC comic book movies,

First I would like to say bang-up job with Wonder Woman. You gave ladies and little girls a comic book movie they can rally around. The fellas seem to have liked it as well.

Now if you could please just stop making movies over 2 hours long that would be really helpful. You have; Batman v. Supes, Suicide Squad, Watchmen and Wonder Woman all clocked in over two hours and Justice League is rumored to be almost three hours (2h 50 mins).  Seriously that will three plus hours in the theater if you get there for previews? Who has time for that? Can’t you get a movie done in ninety minutes and change? Can we get ninety minutes, or even one hundred if need be, of tight storytelling and a good pace? Ok, even if for some insane reason then you can’t cut time below two hours, and then keep the pace high to make the film not drag.

Can you also stop with the slow motion? Why do we need to have every combat suddenly shift to slow motion? It is just stupid. Is there a point to it? Are audiences confused by the action and need an abrupt slow motion sequence to drive home the fact that combat is happening? Is this some Zach Snyder holdover from 300 and Sucker Punch that you as a company enjoy and think everyone else does too? Little secret for you….we don’t need it, don’t like it and it needs to stop.

Speaking of…can you just dump Zach Snyder? His style. His choice of color pallet. His story arc choices. They are all pretty much drek. Sure his Dawn of the Dead take was fun. His take on 300 was a great comic to screen adaptation. However, after that it has been pretty dreadful. Maybe cut him loose and let someone else take over. His influence is leaked into Wonder Woman. Well at least I hope that was him behind the slow motion nonsense and the big stupid fight at the climax of that film.

I thank you for your time and if you could shore up these three issues, it could really help improve your DC comic book universe of films.

Once again, good job with Wonder Woman, my family really enjoyed it.


The Smith household

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